Changing the color of Phonak Audeo Smart

I purchased two used aids last month and love them except the color. Does anyone know if it possible to purchase different color cases? I would love to have the new ceramic black cases but would settle for any color than the Flesh band-aid color I have now.


Unfortunately, no. There is no way that I know of to take the casing off. If you are within the trial period or even about 60 days out from purchase you should be able to still exchange them. I know I’d be able to do it…

The ceramic ones are pretty sharp I’ll agree…but they are also more expensive. I believe they only come in the IX level as well. I’d go into your pro and just ask if you can switch to the ceramic ones…the worst they can do is say no. But like I said, if it’s within about 60-70 days of getting them, you should be able to exchange them without any problems…

Thanks, for the information. But I purchased them used because my insurance would not cover the cost of a new set. They are the Smart S IX and work great. I had a set of resound Dots but they squeal (feedback) so bad my wife hated them.

I am in Lexington. What part of KY you located?


You can get these things called ‘Ear Gear’ which protects your BTE hearing instrument from loss, dirt and sweat. You can get them in all sorts of colours.

I would not know where to get them in the USA tho as I am from the UK. I would say you could get them tho as it was an american person that first thought of them. Thanks.

Georgetown and Frankfort

This is a thought I just had, it’s a little extreme/weird but something to consider to change the color. You could always use nail polish. Just be careful to not paint over the mic cover/memory button or seal up the battery door. I had a colleague in Seattle who has a patient who was an artist and would paint mini-landscapes on her BTE’s. When it wore off, she’s paint a new one.

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here you go… if you know anyone who can sew you could make whatever color you want and get them a little more form fitting.

The Siemens I’m getting this week have interchangeable housings. I going to get a spare pair and try painting (or something) to get them blaze orange. I’m not sure about nail polish and plastic. Not in their catalog but Siemens has a camo housing when ordered via the VA.

I am actually in Georgetown.

The dots I have have clear housings.