CES - Live Conversation to Text Glasses

Well.CES 2024 just started and good news is AR glasses, Smart glasses, Live conversation to text display glasses (what ever you want to call it) have gotten smaller, lighter and more main stream in appearance. To be honest I can’t tell if there’s a flat out leader in the group (manufacturer) nor which glasses are priced properly for 2024 sales.

Might have to wait until CES is completed to see if anythings worth buying for the severe to profound hearing group along with those who are deaf. I’d really like to see AR/Smart glass manufactures just concentrate on live speech to text display in English language, verses all these glasses coming out with various translation for different languages. Both displays options are pretty cool but technology is so new I’d like to see just a simpler operating format that concentrates on one area of speech to text display versus English, to French to Spanish translation.

Seems most if not all of 2024 AR/Smart phones are stand alone and not connected by wire or cable to a cell phone. Still interesting that no big Tech players have shown their cards at CES, other then maybe Meta and Rayban. No sign of Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc.entering the game.

Maybe someone here can update subject matter at the conclusion of CES.


Thanks for the input. Is this tech compatible with prescription glasses? If yes, trifocals? How about transitions lenses - those that get darker outside?

Prescription glasses are coming down the road since 67% of American’s wear glasses. It’s a no brainer. Big question is can we get an AR/Smart phone provider that delivers "live speech to lens text display on a consistent basis and nothing else. Or are we going to get phone overload with cameras, microphones, map viewing, hand signal control, etc. To keep cost down best to offer just a few features that function extremely well, while limiting power drain. If more bells and whistles added price goes up as well as higher battery drain,

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For those “budget” minded I think “TranscribeGlass” will offer the biggest bang for the buck. But they obviously are not discreet.


ChatGPT powers live translation feature of Solos AirGo 3 smart glasses - Impressive and I could live with 10 hours of battery time just fine. $199 is also solid price range.

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