CeruShield Disk wax filters

I recently attempted to change wax filters in both my Mom’s Marvel 30s and my KS9s. They both use the CeruShield Disk wax filters. I had a heck of a time with my Mom’s. I couldn’t get it to remove the old wax filter and then I had a hard time getting it grab a new one. I finally succeeeded. Today with my KS9s I could not get it to remove the old wax filter. There is a little protrusion in the wax filter that was off center. I gave up and went to Costco. They ended up replacing receivers. I asked for advice and they said it’s just bad design. I think I’ll likely let Costco change my wax filters from now on! Anybody have any guidance on how to change wax filters without getting one stuck. Note: This is not any issue with the Disk being difficult to turn. That issue seems resolved from my perspective.

Hi MDB, Phonak have a new type of wax filters out now called Cerustop which appear to be a far better design, although I have never changed one as yet on my Paradise aids… I do not recall ever having a problem with my Marvels though, I did get instructions on removing and replacing the wax guards on my RIC custom hard shell molds, but this is an entirely different process as I am assuming you are using soft domes? Cheers

I’m using Silicone Molds. Cerustop (with the two ended stick?) is actually an older, but quite effective! Yes, I preferred that approach considerably. (My Mom’s old Phonak B50s used it)

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Interesting MDB, tis not like Phonak to revert back, must be indeed a design fault… Mind you, the Marvels were my first RIC’s so I would’ent have seen the Cerustop before. Cheers Kev

The Cerusheild are the newer version, they are meant to be better, but I think the design is awful.

The usability is way worse than the Cerustops they replaced, but I’m guessing they were out of patent and you can’t keep over charging for cheap plastic accessories that can be made by anyone.


Straight in, straight out. No angles. Make sure you have the new disk that turns more easily, it also has slightly deeper holes to help line things up. If the old filter is akilter, you can use a needle to dig it out, and then the new one goes in okay.

It sucks. Custom tips can have the old cerustop system instead.


I had the same thing the other day with my ks9s. The little piece in the middle was not centered. Used the tool that came with the ks8s to push it back to the center. Then it worked fine. Saved driving 200 miles.

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Yep. Works for me, too. (I pushed in a new filter, while the old one was still in it. So I had to dig it out.)