Cell Phone Warning

I have Unitron Moxi’s but I assume this applies to other makes and models.

My HA will automatically switch over to a Telephone setting when the phone is brought up to the ear.
With my HA came a small envelope. In this envelope are some magnets. You attach these magnets to Phones which do not switch your HA to telephone mode. When you pick up the phone, the HA will flip to phone mode.

Well… since a lot / most people have Smart phones these days (Like me, I use the iPhone)…

Do not attach the magnets to your smart phone! These are only for your “Land Line” phones!

Magnet + flash memory cards = lost data.

If you attach these magnets to your smart phone, you will probably lose your data and/or ruin your phone!

My Aud did not realize this when I pick up my HA. I said something and this never dawned on her until I said something.

Just a warning!

I don’t know where you got this information, but it is wrong.

Flash memory is silicon based and would not be affected by magnetic fields.

Magnetic media would be affected. This would include things like that black strip on the back of your credit card.

So, you are saying it is perfectly fine to attach a strong magnet to a smart phone?

Good luck with that.

If you do, at least take a back up.

The iPhone works with a telecoil ?

Since when? I was just in the Apple store last weekend and tested the iPhone, and it didn’t work with my telecoil. (I swith my telecoil on manually)

I have a channel programmed on the Moxi’s. So I have to change to #3 when using the iPhone.

I did get a smart remote, which makes it much easier!

I agree with Zafdor that flash memory is not affected by a small magnetic field. Though, cell phones have other components. I have seen display screens affected by a magnet. Once I set a computer monitor (crt) on top of a big stereo speaker. Zonk!!

Full disclosure…
The day i picked up my HA I had all the stuff laid out my desk. Reading, checking things out… you know…

My iPhone was to my right (your left), the small brown envelope was taken out of the container it came in and placed to my right. I did not know what was in this envelope. Little did I know. The phone was basically 1/4 inch from the envelope.

When I opened it up and found these are just magnets with adhesive included… I gulped…

I flipped my phone… it turned on. I looked around and found all my pictures (200) were no longer there.

So, all this is up to you all, I’m speaking from experience.

Oh yeah, I had a back up, all pictures are back.


Sandisk Cruzer 2GB Flash Memory with kitchen magnets all over it like a rash. All the files are still there. The pictures still look great. The MP3 songs still play just fine.

Sorry, the picture was lost.

And round and round we go.:frowning:

Well it could be a scary situation for some if they have an expensive iPhone next to magnets, right? Here’s some more info in this link.

I don’t think we will get a definitive answer about magnets near iPhones anytime soon. If you look elsewhere on the Internet the topic is hotly debated because some phone cases have a magnetic clasp.

Nobody is arguing whether lost data is scary or not. What’s frustrating here is the lack of a definitive answer.

LOL, it looks like some type of B grade sci fi movie.

I’ll add one more thing. The programming in your hearing aids is stored in flash memory. Does it make sense that to activate the telecoil you would risk erasing your program?



The list goes on. Very strong fields (e.g. an MRI) can affect the silicon itself and is an exception. Magnets are bad for a lot of things, but flash memory is not one of them.