Cell phone for Widex Moment 330

I am about to get a Widex 330 Moment bluetooth hearing aid which means I need to get a compatible cell phone. Widex gave me a list of phones (Samsung, Google etc,)
Any tips on what to look for ?

I have the Moment 220 and a google pixel 4a phone and it works fine.

Was there anything specific I should ask the cell phone folks to make the phone easy for me to buy (not be scared I might take the phone back)

I have Widex Moment 330 and I use an iPhone SE (2020). I went to an iPhone as Widex connecting to Android was not available when I bought the Moments. So far the connection has been excellent with no problems…
One thing to consider, the cost of the iPhone SE is less than the cost of most of the Android phones that Widex recommends now to use with the Moments.

Widex must have a list of compatible smartphones on their website.
If you want android, most Samsung Galaxy range models have Audio Streaming for Heaining Aids (ASHA)
Google Pixel phones from Pixel 3 onward all support ASHA.
They need to be running android 10 through the latest, android 12

Most any iPhone will work.

I use an iPhone 12 with my Widex Moment. Works flawlessly. Android support was just recently introduced by Widex while iOS support has been available from the get go. If you have the choice I would recommend getting an iPhone.

I am thinking of either the Google Pixel 5A or the IPhone 12 for the next phone since both connect automatically without needing to set up through the bluetooth.