Career as Hearing Aid Dispenser at Miracle Ear?


My husband is looking to become a Hearing Aid Dispenser and just met with someone at Miracle Ear who said he would sponsor/mentor him and then set him up at one of his locations after he was done training. What kind of experiences have you had working for Miracle Ear? Is it a pretty reputable company? Do they treat and pay employees well?



I think Miracle Ear is a franchise brand of Signia (formerly Siemens). So it sounds like you are talking about one of the franchisees?



I have no personal experience, so my comments are based on what I’ve heard. Search “Miracle Ear” on the forum and you can see what others have thought of them. Based on what I’ve heard, I don’t think much of them, but I imagine one’s experience could depend a lot on who the individual owner is. I’m guessing this is commission based? I’d want to get a feel for what the emphasis was: sales or customer satisfaction. If one is fine switching jobs, one could take advantage of the training and then see what one thought. If it seemed like a good job, great. If not consider looking for other opportunities.

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I would highly recommend thought you find out first if the training can be transferred to other companies. For example, my understanding is that training for pharmacy tech provided by Walgreens can only be used at Walgreens.



I’m pretty sure once you got a state license or certificate, it wouldn’t matter where you trained. You may very well be correct though if somebody starts a training program at Walgreens (for instance), and one quits, one probably doesn’t get any credit for it.



Consumer Reports recently rated hearing aid dispensers and Miracle Ear came out at the bottom.