Captioning conversations

I use InnoCaption over the phone and love it. It has has enabled me to understand phone conversations much better, with less guessing as to what is being said.

Does anyone know of a good captioning system for in person conversations? Maybe one that works with iPhone? I’ll even use an additional device. Live Captions (beta) doesn’t work for me very well,


Google Transcribe works well for me in some situations, not so much in others. It helps me the most when it’s quiet and the person speaking to me is wearing a mask.


Microsoft Group Transcribe in the iOS app store. Need to start a new conversation every thirty minutes but supports a decent number of languages (through changing the settings between conversations) and can scroll back through the live transcription.

Could also initiate a Teams/Zoom call and use their built in live captions.


I really like Ava. I use an iPhone, but Ava also works for Android and on a PC. It’s not as good if there are more than about 3 people.
I’m sure it would work even better with an external mic, but I haven’t yet bought one. The Ava website suggests several options for that

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AVA only works in the USA, France and The Netherlands, but not in other European countries.

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Ava works in Canada. I signed up because of your post. Really helpful.