Can't use Sennheiser RS 195 headphones


An old pair of Sennheiser wireless headphones just failed so I purchased a pair of Sennheiser RS 195 RF headphones that has some sophisticated sound processing for hearing impaired guys like me. As soon as I put them on, the telecoil in the hearing aids switched on (Phonak Ambra) and immediately made a deafening howl. I can’t see any way to correct this problem but maybe there is a way (?) I have never used the telecoil function, but I am told that it could be handy in certain auditoriums equipped with induction coils. Has anyone get an idea that would help?



Apparently there’s a magnet in the headphones. A magnet is used to trigger on the telecoil (or at least to hear a phone in both ears). You would need to get the auto feature turned off. You can still use the telecoil getting to it manually.
So do you ever use the phone feature where you place the phone near your hearing aid and then the sound also goes to the other ear? If not then turn the feature off.



Actually I just discovered that if I back the volume off on the hearing aids about three clicks, the howl all but disappears and fades into the background. I’ll see if this is feasible over the long term.



OK, I went to my audiologist and he relegated the telecoil to a selectable program instead of having it switch on automatically when a phone is detected and now it works so well that in spite of my “profound” hearing loss, I am able to hear the TV very clearly without my aids even being on. I know we are not supposed to review items that are not hearing aid related, but these RS 195 headphones are remarkable! I can hear even more clearly with them than with my hearing aids and the Compilot combo.



Excellent. Fiddle with some equalizer settings and you’ll be golden. Just swing some of those higher frequencies up a little to level yourself out and then crank the volume.

That’s what I do playing digital music through my computer through my headphones. I have an equalizer that can control left and right independently. It’s not quite as useful with speaker listening using externally connected speakers from the same computer though.