Cannabis and Hearing Care: Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

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I am planning to hunt in Colorado this fall. Might have to see if this Cannabis helps my raging tinnitus.

It helps my tinnitus I discovered that medicating myself for ptsd. I’m a medical user, not street drugs

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I wonder if my first marriage and divorce would get me past the PTSD test?

Cannabis works for pain too. I was vaping THC and it definitely helped … until my pain management doctor bitched about it. I said it IS legal in most of the country now, he replied vape THC no more Norco for my intense back pain. He won :rage:

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I have another fellow vet friend that medically uses and he says it doesn’t help his tinnitus but he thinks it makes it worse. It’s different for everyone I guess.

Based on this article, there is not at this time sufficient scientific evidence to justify the use of CBD to treat tinnitus.

The most important section of the article is the third: when you buy CBD, unlike prescription medicine but just as with all other dietary supplements such as vitamins sold over-the-counter, you don’t know what you’re getting. Product contents of dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA or any other government agency. The FDA will (only occasionally) attempt to regulate claims for health benefits made by sellers, but what’s actually in the bottle you buy can and does vary significantly from one manufacturer to another, one batch to another, and does not have to correspond even approximately to what is on the label. So buyer beware.

And buyer beware of all the ridiculous claims being put forward for CBD. CBD is being promoted with some of the same marketing techniques and way overblown claims as patent medicine was a century ago. No thanks.


Maybe so … but, CBD does work, really. It is not dramatic, but it eases pain. I preferred TCH which is more active. And the trick is to control yourself. You do not have to get high for it to help, but use enough to be relaxed and the benefits are fantastic. I’m talking a pinched sciatic nerve it helped ease the pain for.

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I can sure sympathize with that pain. My father dealt with it and ended up having surgery. I started having issues about 5 years ago. About 4 years ago I started taking glucosamine and fish oil every day. It helps me. You do have to take it for about 3-4 weeks before you notice the pain easing up.
This Cannabis would sure be easier.

I was scheduled for surgery July 22, until a mild heart attack hit me the day before Father’s Day. Now it’s off for at least 18 months during which I have to take blood thinners, so no cutting allowed. They were going to fix the bulging discs from L2 thru L5 and fuse them. I’m on extended Norco instead now

I have suffered from tinnitus, a result of gunfire, for over 40 years.
It has been my experience that some specific THC strains have an adverse affect on my tinnitus. None of it has ever calmed my “noise”.
Cannabis, in its pure landrace state, is 2 distinctly different strains: Indica and Sativa. Indicas are felt more in the body, whereas Sativas are less sedative. Some indica strains exacerbate my tinnitus. There are many Hybrid strains that combine the effects of both.
Until more research is done there are no scientific answers.

I am a medical marijuana user. I use THC every night at bedtime for non-tinnitus problems. I have mild-moderate tinnitus. I have noticed no improvemement. YMMV. Cannabis is one of those things that you just have to try - if it helps your problem it helps. If not then you have to look elsewhere.

Medical marijuana effects different patients differently. There are so many different strains out there, each patient has to find what works best for them. That’s why when one gets a medical card it’s up to the patient to find the strains that work best to treat whatever condition they have, no doctor can 100% say what strain works best for what, only the patient can based on trial and error.

My biggest problem with cannabis is that it shows in urine tests. It definitely helped my back pain, relaxed me. I didn’t get high, just relaxed … though if I kept vaping I would get the high feeling. Just a little was all I needed to ease the pain. But I am on Norco, an opioid, and the pain doctor insisted NO THC. And he did a urine test twice and mentioned it the second time. I can’t do without the Norco until I can get the spinal surgery. That is about a year off now as the cardiologist said that due to the pain, he’ll take me off the blood thinner in a year so I can get the back surgery. After all these years of waiting for pot to be legalized :upside_down_face:

He may be right but my experience with physicians in general leads me to highly recommend a second opinion, especially from an MD who is not already predisposed to be antagonistic towards cannabis.

True, but pain doctors within your health organization are hard to come by. I was almost switched to another but he made it hard to get an appointment and I read that he was more against opioids even. As long as mine gives them I’m good. I’ve been taking them too long as is. But until I can get surgery they’re all I have. Can’t blow that by failing a drug test again. So I make due. The problem with the THC is that I can’t do it during the day when I’m working. I need to be on top of my game to build servers

I would think a medical slip to use THC would omit THC from the pee test results. Other drugs were that way back when I was working.

I doubt that would help as it is totally legal in California. Medical certificate no longer needed. You can spend your whole paycheck and no one would give a second glance. Except maybe the mortgage , water, electric, and credit companies whose payments you used. In fact they have big billboards on the freeways. And advertise freely