Can you mix brands for streamer to TV adapter? (i.e. oticon and bernafon)

I was wondering if anyone had experience with mixing brands of TV adapters. A relative has an Oticon hearing aid system with a streamer and we are considering the TV adapter since he watches a lot of TV (football, etc.). however it is not cheap for the TV adapter. i was looking around online and saw a Bernafon TV adapter with what seemed like similar connectors and bluetooth communication to a Bernafon streamer, so I was curious whether or not anyone’s tried to mix and match them in an effort to save money?


The Bernafon TV Adapter 2 and Oticon ConnectLine TV Adapter 2.0 are the same hardware; you can use them interchangeably.

I have an Oticon Streamer and TV adapter and have also been able to use a Bernafon one since they are the same, but my wife has the Phonak TV adapter and it will only work with Phonak streaming devices. I’m not sure about the others, but I would guess that they wouldn’t be compatible.

Thank you so much for the speedy replies.

there seems to be a Bernafon TV adapter 2 which is a darker color and then a white colored Bernafon TV adapter with a 75-01 model #. any idea if the 75-01 model would work with the streamer same as the newer model?

Yes, the original Bernafon TV Adapter still works with all Bernafon and Oticon streamers.

Thanks for your posting this information. But although the hardware is the same is there any problem with the software to make the Oticon Connectline TV adapter 2.0 not work with a Bernafon Soundgate 3 ?
Have you seen (or heard) them working together ?
The suppliers that I have contacted tell me that the Oticon and Bernafon adapters are not interchangeable - but maybe they are biased.

No problem at all. It’s the streamers that aren’t interchangeable due to different firmware.