Can tinnitus go away by its own?


It really helps to try to ignore or live with it as @sweet points out his coping mechanism.

While I was experiencing Meniere’s, I could tell when an attack was pending from the tinnitus ramping up. With hearing aids, I have no tinnitus. It took a while to kick in but it is gone. Unfortunately, the other effect it brought into my life are still present. My WRS dropped a lot. Clarity is lessened. Some people I just can’t understand. Balance is affected. But, I still have a good life and you can have that too. It finding acceptance of new limits and working to use them to your best benefit.


I am suffering tinnitus problem since a long time. But I didn’t get the best solution to protect and cure. Could anyone tell me the best suggestion regarding this?


Hi I’ve only just joined this forum and really informative. Now in 40s I’ve had a thorough assassment by NHS and just fitted with 2 aids so have been grateful to be able to talk with people who give their opinions and often advice as these are the ones who really know

Tinnitus is annoying and I really empathise with people who develop it having never experienced it. I didn’t know till was an adult that not everyone has it as I’ve had all my life. I thought this loud high pitch continuous buzzing sound was normal as it a was part of me. I questioned my hearing as a young adult as watching tv and the cinema has always been difficult and could never keep up. I don’t stress over it cos it’s normal for me and now have been told I have moderate/severe loss of hearing which prob from birth I’m satisfied and some mysteries from growing up solved. Mine ain’t going anywhere but I’ve done some research. It seems there is a good percentage of people who have experience the onset of tinnitus and it’s gradually gone or else they have bouts of it so it just comes and goes or is maybe triggered every so often after being in a loud place. It’s a difficult one it seems but you should get your hearing checked as often there could be a solution and may not be permenant but do get it checked. My surgery sent me away several times saying it was probably wax or stress and wasn’t sent for tests and somehow was never checked when young. I realise now why I’ve always struggled but somehow coped and had my own kinda language I can usually understand but the aids have been a revelation. As far as the tinnitus goes I leave the to on or play music if it’s really loud as sometimes it’s like a siren and can cheese me off a bit sometimes. Seek medical advice though as we are all different. Hope you get something stored :heart_eyes_cat:


Sorry just wanted to say that I was disappointed with the lack of concern from the medics when I went as they said all looked healthy. I went on several occasions when a bout of sudden deafness and screaming head was taking longer (up to a week) to go. As it always returned back to my norm it was never investigated but as was now in my 20s I wasn’t happy. The tinnitus did annoy but once I realised that it was here to stay I kinda made friends with it and just accepted. I’d probably go into mourning if it suddenly disappeared cos it seems it’s from birth as my audiology chart shows more hearing loss at mid levels (I don’t mean to be flippant but it’s made life easier to treat as just part of my unique self). However if any loss of hearing is diagnosed then maybe it’s just a symptom and i know that for many the tinnitus does just come and go and don’t stay at really annoying levels. Mine gets whole lot louder when the noise is loud out there like as though competing with external sounds and can always hear it over everything. I went to Rolling Stones concert few nights ago standing right by stage. Oh boy did my friend fight back but at the point I was about to pull head off it gradually went back to my comfort level. If it is a permanaent fixture in your life it is important you get to understand it and accept. Self help n mindfulness didn’t do it for me but others it helped. Hopefully for you it may not be a constant thing and perhaps go completely or else come visit now and again. We have not got total control so sometimes it is acceptable but I’ll push again the importance to get checked for any concerns you have now or in future if and when they happen. Our senses kinda help us make sense of and also enjoy our world and life so it’s good to look after what we’ve got. I was a bit late in life but plenty years to come. Good luck😻


I have the tumour that you reference. If you have ringing in both ears it is almost certainly not an acoustic neuroma. If you have a hearing test, it would also show significant asymmetry. In Ont you’ll get to see an audiologist faster than an ENT so that would be my first stop if I were worried about an AN.


Somehow I want to treat my tinnitus problem. Its very bad experience in my life. I always feel very bad when is the problem is coming? First time in my life I have broken my strength and encourage of my life. So I need to cure my tinnitus problem soon.


On its own, possibly but unlikely.

Often it goes away after wearing aids for a while. Worked for me.

There are white tone generators that can help. Tinnitus seems to be strongest in the quiet.

If you have aids that feed directly from your phone, there are white noise programs from various sources. The Resound one is one of the better one.
It can also be used with ear buds.


No, tinnitus is not a curable. We can prevent the tinnitus by using the right earplugs. I have been using a earplugs from Big Ear Inc. I have gathered a lot of info by reading their blog.


I have surgical bi-lateral hearing loss, and I have had tinnitus so long I cannot remember when I did not have it. Ergo, my tinnitus has nothing to do with “hearing.” To me, anyway, trying to treat tinnitus as if it were an audiological phenomenon is a total scam. I am going to follow up with my ENT to see if anti-depressants can modify it, or at least get it sychronized.