Can tinnitus cause your ears to pop?

If you have tinnitus do you feel the need to pop your ears?

I have tinnitus. I’m not aware that it increases for me the feeling of needing to pop my ears. Tinnitus takes many different forms for different people, but typically, tinnitus perceived as ringing in the ears has a different cause (nerve damage) than the sensation of needing to pop one’s ears (usually related to differences in air pressure inside versus outside the head).

If you feel the need to pop your ears you probably have something going on in your Eustachian tubes. Go see an ENT.

Negative pressure in the middle ear can cause the ear drum to be temporarily less responsive to sound as long as the pressure remains unbalanced. This small drop in hearing can make tinnitus more audible because less sound is being heard to occupy your tinnitus. If it is a regular occurrence then I would see your ENT.