Can strong magnets damage hearing aids?

Can a strong magnet placed near the hearing aid so that it touches the hearing aid side by side to the magnet damage the digital hearing aid?

This is for digital hearing aids.

give it a shot and get back with us

Here’s what Oticon says in their owner’s manual:

“Remove your hearing instrument for example during X-Ray, CT/MR/PET scanning electrotherapy or surgery as your hearing instruments may be damaged when exposed to strong fields”

I’d assume the other manufacturers provide similar warnings.

I actually had my hearing aids on one time when I had a 3D scan of my teeth and jaw. Must have been a bad idea based on Oticon’s advice. But would you know if your hearing aids are damaged? For example, could they feel like they function normally, but are actually damaged? Or is this something that I would know and would easily detect once it happens?

I think it depends on the specific design of hearing aids. But the risk is not necessary. The impact of any powerful fields, which can damage the chip will be harmful to hearing aids.