Can/should I still go to concerts?

I had a case of acute tinnitus and ear pain from January to March this year. I attend quite a lot of concerts so I’m sure this was the primary cause although my case of tinnitus only started after I had to get my ear flushed out in January. My ears and hearing have been completely fine since March.
There is a concert coming up in a few months that I really want to go to but, of course, I don’t want any form of tinnitus or ear pain to come back and I definitely don’t want to cause any permanent damage to my ears. At the same time, I am only 16 and I really want to be able to go to concerts again.
Anyway, do you think it would reasonable to go to a concert again in a few months or do you think it is too risky? What ear protection would you recommend wearing?
Thanks for any input!

You should look into ear plugs made for listening to music. There may be more credible sources of information on them, but here is what I found on a quick look.

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Please take the advice of wearing ear plugs for music. You see guys at concerts hanging out right in front of the stacks of speakers for the band, that was me when I was young. Im paying for it now with moderate to sever hearing loss in both ears and now have to wear hearing aids. Concerts are great and I dont regret going to them at all, I just regret not taking the advice of people telling me about the damage I was doing to me hearing.


Definitely, definitely wear ear plugs!!! As posted above there are plenty designed for listening to loud music now rather than just the foam ones to sleep on planes. Take care using earphones as well, and use the volume limiter if your device has one. You can still continue to enjoy live music but the tinnitus may be the first warning that you need to protect your ears from further damage, I still remember which gig caused my tinnitus to become permanent, I was only 20

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Use hearing protection when around any loud sounds. Trust me on this, you do not want a lifetime of limited hearing, saying what? What did he say? Missing the punch line. Missing dialogue of movies. Mistaking lyrics of songs (well, OK, sometimes that’s pretty funny).

Hearing loss separates you from people and you start avoiding certain things because you know you can’t catch every word.

Then there is the ringing. The incessant, tortuous ringing. Oh it starts off as an almost pleasant whooshing sound but it will eventually turn on you, and turn into a whooshing / fingernails on the board / electronic static kind of thing (that’s what I have now).

Concerts sound just as good with good quality earplugs. Wear them every time.

A good quality earplugs will do the trick. But be cautious, stay as far as possible from the speakers. Even in your day to day activities, if you going someplace loud. I recommend you wear earplugs and don’t listen to music through earphone for a long period of time.