Can I use Vaseline on earmolds?

Hi friends, I have observed that long usage of hearing aid with customised ear soft molds can cause itchy ears.

Recently I started applying vaseline on ear molds and wearing it, itch is gone.also I feel more comfortable

Do you guys have any idea whether it is ok to use vaseline in ear with ear molds?

I don’t know about Vaseline but I use a very light coating of olive oil on the surfaces of my silicone molds that touch my ear canals and avoid putting anything on the surfaces that have the receiver and vent openings or the receiver wires. I would think if either the Vaseline or olive oil gets into your body, the olive oil is a lot more metabolizable (Mediterranean diet!). I put a small amount of olive oil in a thoroughly cleaned and dried brown dropper bottle that I bought fairly inexpensively on Amazon (couldn’t easily find similar in pharmacy sections of Walmart or supermarkert). I put a drop on a small plate, touch my fingertip to it. Next day, I put another drop on a slightly different spot on the plate, and keep going until the tea saucer-sized plate has drops all over it. Wipe them off with a Kleenex and wash the plate in the dishwasher and so on. I got the olive oil idea from reading other posts on the forum.

I was told Vaseline will damage soft ear moulds by my audiologist.

Aqueous creams are better, there’s always been the suggestion that petroleum based products can deteriorate certain types of plastic, acrylic or silicones.

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I used to use soft molds but Phonak supplied hard acrylicones for my Naida M90s and there is no itch at all now

Hi, are you using any additional accessories like Roger EasyPen or Roger Select with you Phonak Naida M90?

There’s a product called miracell which is specifically for that problem. Vaseline kind of sounds a bit messy

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Using a hearing aid dryer that has a UV light has stopped all my ear itching.

My Audi gave me a little bottle of Comfort Ear. I put a very small drop on my finger and carefully apply it to my dome avoiding the receiver and the dome slides easily into my small canal. I think the bottle will last over a year with the small amount I use each day. It has stopped my itchy ear feeling.

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Sounds similar to miracell. A little tiny bit goes a long long way. Glad you got the problem solved.

MIneral oil (aka baby oil) is better than olive oil. It works as well as miracell which is expensive

I have the tv connector and the partner mic, botj are great.

“Something used on babies couldn’t possibly be carcinogenic?!” Consider Johnson & Johnson and all the talcum powder suits …

The Wikipedia article on Vaseline, a brand, says that it’s highly refined, triple-purified, and generally regarded as safe (but less rigorously prepared competitor brands might not be Petroleum Jelly May Not Be As Harmless As You Think | HuffPost Life) and materials regarded as carcinogenic are removed in the purification of Vaseline from its petroleum base. Since it’s all Wikipedia or HuffPost, it’s hardly peer-reviewed scientific information, though. (and from the editorial comment at the end, there apparently was some pressure to update the HuffPost article to specifically mention that the Vaseline brand is generally regarded as safe - not in the original article).

Thanks for this. I’ve used “food grade” mineral oil, but now I’ll have to reconsider.

I should imagine the risk is pretty low. I just wonder about what happens to anything we apply to our skin or other epithelial cells, including the fate of sunscreen, etc. Most of us are pretty old, too. So the older that you are, the less likely within your remaining lifetime that any faintly or possibly carcinogenic thing is going to have an effect. And the ultimate irony of living a long, long time and not dying of anything else is that eventually cancer from “natural” DNA mutations is going to get you, if nothing else does …