Can I Use My Smartphone as a Remote Microphone

I have been searching for a remote microphone app. My thought is to be able to place my smartphone adjacent to a speaker and stream the sound using Bluetooth to my ears. Does anyone have any experience with using a Google app for that purpose.

It would seem to need zero latency (i.e., no delay), and might be best for use in a classroom type setting, rather than across the dinner table in a noisy environment.

For those familiar with the Roger device, I’m thinking something similar to that–but using a smartphone rather than a separate device.

Any thoughts appreciated.


You mean android app right, so you would need the correct model of HA and mobile phone with ASHA capabilities/support.
Have a read through these links


I think I’ve got all of that in place. I have Kirkland 9s and they are linked to my Android phone (an LG 7). I currently use it for making phone calls, for listening to music, for listening to Android Auto, etc. So, my HA connection to the phone is working great. And my Bluetooth range is reasonable.

My question, then, is if anyone knows of an APP that would allow the phone to work as a microphone and playback through the HAs. If this doesn’t exist, it would seem to be an opportunity for some developer.

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@ThomF i have seen many people ask this question. If you go through this heading you might find what you are looking for in one of the threads.

I hope this gives you your answers. Good luck.

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I have the Kirkland KS8s. Their app has a function called “Live Listen” which allows you to use the phone mic with the aids. I believe it is only functional on an iPhone. I have used it on occasion and it works quite well.


Have you heard of HeardThat? They are in beta test mode now.

They are trying to do exactly what you are asking.

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I believe that “live listen” is specifically an iphone app; used in conjunction with various MFi hearing aids, rather than being connected with Kirkland.

Thanks for the lead. I just registered on their site.

I registered on Feb. 29th. A few days later I got a message that my invitation would be coming in a couple of weeks since they are starting with Android phones and I have an iPhone. I’ve heard nothing more.

Of course the world is different now.

You could also try this, there’s a number of different connection possibilities for Android.

Yes, iPhone calls it “Live Listen”. I was not saying that is specifically related to the KS8s, just that I have the KS8s. The Kirkland/Rexton App calls it “Remote Mic”. Same function, different name. I’m sure different MFI compatible aids have their own specific name for it.

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Several remote mike Apps are available on Google Play Store for Android smartphones. I installed “Ear Super” and “Ear Spy Pro” on a Samsung S8. Both Apps sent speech picked up by the phone to my M90s via Bluetooth but suffered from latency and poor audio quality.

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I posted this before.
Roger is quite expensive. Bluetooth has lots of latency. There needs to be a better solution that will work with ks9 and others. Why not a $100 tv connector with a battery and a mic with line out? Maybe would need a better antenna to improve the range? What would the needed range be? Maybe make it a “quick starter” or similar?

I have another idea but want to keep that quiet till it can be open sourced so some company can’t patent it and make a fortune.


I like your thinking.
Even using the TV connector the device wouldn’t be all that big. Like a table model.

Anybody familiar with a mic that might work? Or a tiny amp to use a normal mic?

re: Tiny mic and amp

I’m going to try this out. I have a portable Li-ion USB battery that I should be able to use with the TV Connector, and I just ordered a mic and amp to connect to it. There are a lot of options out there. I ordered this one via You should be able to find it via the following description.

2.4G Wireless Microphone Lapel Style MIC Receiver Transmitter Voice Amplifier Recording Plug Play Portable for Teaching

Once it arrives, I’ll try it out and let folks know.

I figure this arrangement could work nicely. The person that you want to amplify would wear that mic, which would transmit to a battery-powered receiver connected to the TV connector (powered by a USB-battery pack).

Of course, you could also connect the receiver directly to a smartphone and then transmit to your HAs, if so equipped, but then you would likely have the sound-delay issue.

I don’t see this as an idea setup–more as a proof-of-concept attempt.


Thanks for trying this out. If I had a 3d printer I would make a little stand or case for it.

If it works it would be interesting to tweak the amp. But that would drive the price up. Still cheaper than a rodger device though. Maybe @PRR might have some ideas on that.

I do have a 3d printer. If it all works reasonably well, I might see if designing a device to make it a single assembly would make sense.

It will likely take a week before I receive the mic and amp, before I can play with it. I plan on borrowing the TV Connector that I have attached to my TV, rather than purchasing another–temporarily.


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The ReSound Multimic is exactly this. A remote mic that you can place anywhere which streams to your hearings aids. My wife wears mine a lot so I can hear her in lots of situations that are otherwise difficult, especially the car. On guided tours I ask the guide to clip it to their lapel.

I think most major manufacturers offer similar.

I have never found Live Listen to work well…nothing like as good as the MultiMic.

I had a similar device with my ks8 trial. Unfortunately the ks9 don’t have anything like that yet. Others are in the same boat as well.

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