Can i use a RIGHT hearing aid in my LEFT ear?

Hi !
I am on a budget and missed an eBay auction to purchase a pair of Siemens Pure Binax 5bx RIC Receiver in Canal Hearing Aids - Now i would like to purchase 1 for my worst ear (LEFT). The one i want to bid on, on Ebay is for the RIGHT ear unfortunately…
So my question to this forum: Can i use this RIGHT hearing aid, and program it for my LEFT ear, or not?
Thank you so much for your input!
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As long as it’s programmed for your left ear then yes you can use it in your left ear.

The right/left hearing aids are identical except for;

  1. Red or Blue markings so you can identify which is which.
  2. The receiver points towards the left or to the right.

So in addition to programming the EBay Right hearing aid for your Left ear, you will also need to purchase a left receiver.

Yup, just need the correct receiver. Nothing to it.

Do not attempt to wear a right receiver in your left ear. It’ll be uncomfortable and it’ll put a lot of strain on the wire.

makes sense! Thanks for your input!