Can I swap ears?

OK, don’t laugh (oh, go ahead). My right ear is worse than my left but I have ended up with a Destiny in my left and Insite in my right (both CIC style). Since I’m told the Destiny is a higher powered aid than the Insite, if my hearing gets worse is it possible to take the guts of each aid and remake the case for the other ear so I would end up with the higher powered aid in the worse ear?

I will eventually (two years or so) end up with the same brand with hopefully enough power in the high end but for now is this a possibility to get the best hearing I can get?

If that is possible what would you expect that to cost in the USA?


I don’t know why this would not be possible, but I’m willing to bet you will be presented with a princely fee for this.

FWIW, I did have a siemens signia BTE whre I had one program set for my left ear and another for the right, much easier with a BTE, needless to say.

Can I swap ears?
If you do, make sure they’re even or your glasses will be cockeyed!

That was my first impression as well.
It does seem as though it might be an expensive proposition!

It may be like trying to install a Chevy engine into a Ford or vice-versa!:eek:

I guess with a big enough bar and hammer, anything is possible.:confused:

Can I swap ears?

Only if you buy your own Spaniel and scalpel.

I have to disagree … they would have to be mounted either upside down … or backwards. Either would look way weird! So it is not really possible … unless one is willing to ignore all of the teasing

If you don’t mind the mess.

you might be able to get an aud willing to shell. It will however depend on whether rhe faceplate (the bit into which the battery fits) suits the opposite ear. Cost would be a few hundred dollars incl reprogramming if viable.

Hmm, Spaniel ears. I hadn’t thought of that. That would be an interesting look. I would just have to learn to keep them out of my soup.

Anyway, if there is nothing that would specifically tie the faceplate and guts to a particular side (left or right) I figured it would be like any other remake where you take an impression and send it in with the electronics. I’ve had to have both of mine remade in the past to get a better fit so why not do that again but this time put the right aid in the baggie with the left impression (and vice versa) and wait for the inevitable call from the lab.

I’d suggest that there might be very little actual difference in the output of the aids. You might do better to find if the aid you need to have a bit more power can be re-mapped, possibly in conjunction with a different receiver (which you’d probably get replaced in a good repair service anyway).

Swapping them over just seems like opening two cans of worms at the same time.