Can I purchase Roger Select iN online?

My audiologist told me that Roger select IN is $1400. I think it’s too expensive. I am wondering if I can buy that online? My hearing aids are Naida Marvel 90.

I have not looked for the Roger IN on line. It does take a special device to do the transfers. Some audiologist/fitters might frown on you buying elsewhere.

Have you considered the PartnerMic?

Do you mean If I buy the Roger IN online I still can’t paired by myself? I haven’t considered about PartnerMic. What is difference between the Roger select?

The Roger IN needs a special device to communicate with the aids and pen. At least that is what I have read.
The PartnerMic is nice if it will do what you need.

From what I have read about both devices, The Roger Select iN must have “Licenses” transferred to the aids they will be used with. From a Phonak video, you transfer the “Licenses” directly from the Select to the aids. It is simple, and anyone can do it. Some say that a special device is needed and only an audiologist has access. The Partner Mic is like the TV Connector. You pair it with your aids and afterwards, every time you turn it on, it re pairs by itself. The Partner Mic is meant to be worn by the person you are speaking with, and the microphone can be no more than 20 inches away from their mouth. The Roger Select is meant for group use in noisy situations and had 6 directional microphones which automatically select the person speaking. The only prices I have seen for the Select were on eBay, and were around $1700. The Partner Mic was around $175.

Thanks, Your information is very useful!

Thanks! I will consider PartnerMic.

This is what I am actually trying to do myself (there is a separate thread on that).

Basically, the Roger Pen IN already contains two Roger X receivers, and the procedure to actually “install” (I wouldn’t say transfer licenses, it is confusing, “installing” the receivers is how the procedure is called in the manual) the receivers to your HA is quite simple and anyone can do that.

Unfortunately, I still can’t do that, because it seems that when the audiologist was testing the Roger Pen IN, they “transferred” the receivers to another set of HA (and failed to “uninstall” them), so basically, I can’t do that with my Pen :frowning:
There is a procedure (also very simple) to check how many receivers are installed in a roger pen in and when I do that, I have two blinking red, meaning that I have NO receivers installed.
I am waiting for a new roger pen IN to do the pairing.
If it helps, here is the link to the document on pairing the Roger pen IN to your HA.