Can Hearing Aids Cause Tinnitus?


Find out about the triggers and causes of tinnitus



My aids always helps to lower my tinnitus

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My thoughts are that hearing aids reduce tinnitus because of the background noise that they amplify. And probably the lower the audio quality of the hearing aid, the better job it does. More noise more tinnitus masking…

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Long term noise is the main cause of tinnitus. Not hearing aids.



Just wearing my HA’s reduces the “sounds” of my tinnitus by about half. My Aud included a manual masking program for me to trial but I found that it didn’t provide any additional relief - in fact, it was probably more annoying in that there was a constant white noise sound over everything else.

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Hearing aids help reduce tinnitus by sound amplification and interference of the perceived sound. Or, in other words, distract you from it.

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