Can hearing aids cause tinnitus

I have been wearing RIC hearing aids for about 5 years. I am 76 years old. I wear my HAs all the time. I have been increasingly aware of some low level tinnitus. I know this can be part of my progressive hearing loss, but I never noticed it before. How likely is it that my hearing aids are actually aggravating the tinnitus? Thanks.

I don’t think it is the most likely explanation. If you have not had your hearing checked for a while it could be a sign your hearing has become worse. Lots of people find that HAs make their tinnitus less noticable. I notice it more when I am in a quiet/silent environment or when I take the HAs out at night. Could be worth having a hearing check done if you have not had one for a year or two.

Nope. In fact, in most cases hearing aids will get rid of it.

I’ve been wearing aids for about 3 1/2 months now and I’ve noticed a reduction.

Hearing aids, in a sense, are white noise generators so they will drone out the tinnitus

You sure about that?

They amplify a whole range of sounds and some have specific noise generators built in -is that what you mean?

No, when fitting people with hearing aids, a good 75% of the time, their tinnitus disappears.

What I meant by white noise generators, is that, hearing aids are playing sounds in your ear. People with mild tinnitus just wearing the hearing aid (without a masker) will take care of the issue, much like using a white noise generator at home will.

People with more severe cases will need the masker, and even then, it will sometimes not work.

Tinnitus can be caused by drugs, aspirin, very loud noise, trauma, illness, some fevers but not hearing aids.