Can anyone help with this audiogram ? So confused!


I’m 55 years old - I’ve had bad tinnitus in my left ear for six months, some balance issues and some hearing loss in the left ear only.

Went to see my ENT today - and they produced this audiogram

My mum had otosclerosis - and the ENT thinks it might be a case of “cochlear otosclerosis” but wants to run more test.

I can’t make head nor tale of the audiogram - link here

any thoughts very welcome !


HR, I hope you hear from one of the audiologists on the board here, but just a quick look at your audiogram would prompt ME to ask for another one from your audi. First off, it’s more helpful if the RIGHT ear audiogram appears in RED; the LEFT ear results in BLUE.

In addition, the parameters on the top of the chart (along the x-axis) are missing! I can kind of guess what they’d be since audiograms are pretty much cookie-cutter in format, focusing on the frequencies that humans with normal hearing can HEAR. In other words, there’s no point including frequencies heard by bats, dogs or other creatures that WE can not hear.

Again, I’m no expert, but it appears that you have a low-to-moderate hearing loss across a range of frequencies, which may result in your not comprehending speech perfectly all the time. By the same token, you seem to have excellent hearing in the HIGH tones in both left & right ears, but only in the LOW tones in your right ear. Which ear do you use on the telephone?

Based on your hearing loss in the LEFT ear, I’m guessing the line that starts at 55dB is the audiogram for your LEFT ear.

That audiogram is for the left ear only. It says so at the top. Hence it’s blue.

The other marks are the bone conduction thresholds and the masking noise. That’s why it’s a shorter line.

I would think there’s a red corresponding audiogram for the right ear somewhere?

The parameters are along the bottom.