Call dropping on Phonak Aids

I have Marvel Naida SP 90 and have trialed Paradise Naida UP aids and I had trouble with phonecall static and disconection in my home and hospital situation.
My audio had me reset Bluetooth by removing then repairing the Phone, no good. Total reset of phone, no good,. Reinstalling MyPhonak, still no good.

While inspecting the phone I noticed it was conected to Wifi for calls, this eas the problem.
Wificalling sends data in packages not a constant fluid flow and this can cause jumble and stuttering.

I removed the Wifi calling a week ago and now no drop out.


Thanks! Helpful…I’ve been encouraged to use wifi in our 265 schools. I won’t do it now.


I had the same issue.

WiFi calling was my problem.

If your expensive cellphone contract has unlimited data, then you should turn this off.

If your cheaper cellphone contract does not have unlimited data, you may want to keep this setting for limiting your data consumption to avoid (over limit/extra charges) on your cellphone contract.

Wait a minute; If you do have the expensive cellphone contract with unlimited data, then why the heck are you using WiFi in the first place?

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WiFi calling is recommended for poor signal areas.

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Well, then you would have to live in a “poor signal area”, right?

Then you should ditch the expensive cellphone contract paying for unlimited data.

Just for information, changing provider cured mine. I had a booster and most providers now don’t support them. Their excuse was that WiFi calling was as good-it isn’t it’s hopeless.
Luckily I have cheap provider that works but you have to research before committing, some people are not so lucky.

You need some decent Internet connection speeds for WiFi to work well;


These appear to be phone problems and not hearing aid problems.

Well yeah, that’s true. But I refer you back to the this;

Which could start our as a hearing aid problem, and then morph into phone problem/(larger billing) depending on if you fix the problem by eliminitating WiFi.

Pertaining to wifi speeds, I am not sure this is always the case. I use Phonak P90 aids living along Lake Erie in a fringe area for cell service. My wifi calls work fine and I only have speeds of 22Mpbs down and 2Mpbs up.

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