Buying Used Hearing Aids

I’m considering buying a used pair of Resound Vivid VS80-D aids that owner claims are one year old and he’s asking half-price, which seems too high to me…$1400.

What is anyone’s experience with buying used Costco products and then asking a Costco audiologist to assist with adjustments, and with purchasing new personal ear pieces? Is this a good buy at the price?

Here’s the problem. The two Costco ReSound models may not show up in the software and be adjustable by a non-Costco shop. So if your local Costco shop refuses to adjust them, you are stuck.

So obviously a trip to Costco is in order. I would definitely talk this over in person to see if the Costco person can adjust the hearing aids on a pay as you go basis (obviously before you make the purchase).

It is potentially a good buy if you were interested in Resound Vivid anyway and were not interested in the Future’s features, and if your Costco person is able to adjust them (they may have a policy against it).

I would definitely want to see the original invoice to make sure they are not stolen.

The cost of a new hearing aid covers testing, programming, service, follow up and overall care. The price is high considering that you are just getting only the device. The other costs are extra, if you find someone who will take you.

I’ll have a $1 bet to say that they won’t touch them.

I reckon that will be written into their store/audiology policy too.

I can’t take that bet because I think you are right. Their unlimited followup visits are part of a purchase and I haven’t seen anything where they provide pay as you go service. They definitely will not adjust aids you purchase elsewhere (I asked). In that sense it is not a full service shop. They are there to sell their hearing aids and the exam and visits are for that purpose only.

Thanks for these very helpful responses to my questions…Resound does not list the Costco products on their Web site, for retailing reasons I’m sure, and I understand this is the name of the game. So I would have to depend solely on the Costco audiologist and therefore, buying used without the ability to adjust is a waste of money. Thanks

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