Buying Aids in Denmark

I’m an American, living in Africa, in Ethiopia (where HA retailers essentially do not exist) and I’m going to Denmark for 10 days, before going home to visit the States for 10 more.

Just wondering if anyone knows what the Danish hearing aid market is like?

Are there any reasons to consider buying a Widex or Oticon while in Denmark, as opposed to waiting until I’m back in States?

Any idea how HA prices compare within Denmark vs. the U.S. in general, and (I imagine) for those two Danish brands in particular?

Or is it possible to get especially strong (and maybe quick) service from either of those 2 manufacturers while in Denmark…just due to their being based there?

Really appreciate any insight on buying in Denmark. Thanks!

You may have a time problem if you are only going to be in Denmark for 10 days. If they are like the U.S. you will have to get the hearing test, order the HA’s and it takes about two weeks to come in and then you have to go back for the fitting. If the HA industry in Denmark runs this way, you will be in the U.S. when the HA’s are ready to be picked up.

You probably know Resound is based in Denmark as well. As Seb mentioned, you might have a time crunch, but it wouldn’t hurt to call an international number for each to inquire. If you have a recent audiogram you can bring with you and you don’t need a custom shell or mold, it may be possible. Whether there are any savings to be had by buying “local”, I can’t say.

Thanks Seb & Tball for your replies.

Unfortunately, since I’m living in Africa, 10 days is my window for buying new aids, whether it’s in Denmark or in the States. And I’ve done that twice now successfully in the U.S. over the years I’ve been living in Africa. It’s a little tight and I sometimes have to pay a rush fee, but even with taking a new custom mold, the turn around in the States has often only been 3 or 4 days, which still allows for a couple of follow up visits for fine tuning.

The real question I still have is whether Denmark offers anything above and beyond the States, either in terms of pricing for Danish brands, and/or any added benefit (service-wise) to being on their home turf…if anyone (particularly Danes) have anything to offer on that matter?

And I actually hadn’t realized Resound was a 3rd Danish company, so thanks for pointing that out. Apparently Danes love hearing loss. Go figure.


Your turnaround is likely to be quicker as the distances to either facility is going to be same-day. If you have a particular supplier in mind, speak to them on the phone before you go and ensure that they have the model you need in stock. That way you’ll have a week or more trial.

If you ‘really’ need a custom ITE it’s possible to get a 24-48hr turnaround in Europe.

Recommend that you go and see these people -

I went there around 10 years and got a very good pair of aids. Prices are good too.

Ironic that you don’t see any of the Danish manufacturers listed on their products page. Grass always greener on other side of fence? :slight_smile:

That’s interesting yes. Perhaps it’s deliberate, or just co-incidence, don’t know. I was fitted with Phonaks for both visits, but I remember their audie saying that the Oticon Delta was the aid flying off the shelf during that period, so I don’t think there was any bias towards non danish products, or bias towards them. What I remember about both aids is that I got the best first time fit I can remember. No alterations afterwards. Outstanding knowledge. In actual fact, the audie fiited me an ITC, a change from BTE, which astoundingly, worked to such an amazing extent that I’ve worn them since.