BTE Tubing

Great forum here with lots of info.

I have worn hearing aids for about 30 yrs. many makes and models.
Will need to purchase new ones soon. Have read good reviews about
My question are there any BTE that the tubing does not require being changed so often or not at all?

Tubing is pretty easy to change once you’re shown how. I’m just curious as to how often you think you need to change the tubing?

I am asking about the tubing for my sister. She has to make a trip
about 45 miles away for this. Which is about every four- six months.
I wear an ite aid.

Well tubing can last 3 months, 6 months, I’m sure some people will tell you they only get the tubing changed once a year. I would think environmental factors would play into it somewhat since tubing will eventually get hard and may crack. You may also notice an increase in feedback where there wasn’t any before. Again tubing usually is not that hard to change yourself and your sisters audiologist should be happy to show her how. I can change my own tubing in just a couple of minutes. Her audiologist should also be willing to give her spare tubing especially considering her situation. I keep spare tubing in a sealed plastic bag to prevent it from hardening.

Thanks. I will mention this to her. :slight_smile:

I use ear moulds with the Phonak VSP`s, and re-tubed them about June 6th. I have been home a week from a two week tour of the American Rockies, and already the right tube is hard inside the mould. The temperature vaied from freezing to around 90f.

This is standard tube, and even here in the UK I have to change them at least every two months….Must be a record!!