Bouncing off walls / Veering

Has anyone had situations in which they lose balance. I can be walking and then I cannot correct the direction I am going in. For example, if I am walking a straight line from the living room to the kitchen, I may veer off and have to catch myself on a chair or wall. I cannot correct my direction and end up veering to another direction and caching myself on another wall.

I do have hearing aids for about 15 years. My doctor says meds are not causing it. Went to PT and they said 85% of the people in my age group have better balance than I do. PT helped a lot but did not stop the “veering” issue. I went to an Ent and am being evaluated for CI. I took an VNG TEST and she said my balance was perfect. I had to have the ENG instead because I have a cataract lens.

Had your hearing got worse as your profile shows roughly a 40 dB to 60 dB loss which is only moderate. Here in the UK, that wouldn’t qualify for a CI at all.

If your loss has got worse? I find wearing one hearing aid and getting no sound in the other, really throws my balance.

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Thanks for your reply. I have not updated my audiogram. They said I have moderately severe sensorineal for the right ear and moderate to severe on the left.

The veering occurs regardless if I am wearing hearing aids or not.

I feel off balance if I am not wearing my hearing aids, or if I have them muted. And as for as CI evaluation goes it has to do with word recognition scores is what my audiologist told me.

Cvkemp: Thanks for the info. I also had an MRI of the brain and with an additional focus on the ear. My mother and alll siblings (4) had hearing loss. My brother wears one hearing aid and is deaf in the other ear. So maybe it is a genetic issue. Still waiting on CI Eval which is on Sept 2.

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What’s the reason for a CI evaluation?

Your current hearing loss is still very good.

Are you not benefitting from hearing aids in terms of hearing or are you having a CI evaluation for balance?

My main problem is balance. Last year, could walk 3 miles without a problem. Now, I fall or stumble and had fractures and bleeding injuries. PT has helped and I had PT from January to June. The PT thinks I have an inner ear problem. So, I was referred to ENT. I have updated my audiogram today.

LOL Kem103. You should see me from 1am to 5am! Every single night (and once in a while during the day) I am AIMING for the destination (bathroom being the nighttime route), and as you describe, veer to one side, “pillar to post”. I do that stone cold SOBER, aids usually out, but like I say, sometimes if they’re IN.

I chalk it up to normal aging for me. Hearing + Balance go together like “pina” and “colada”, and that’s why so many audis specialize in both. Part of the sensorineural hearing issues.

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It could be the hearing loss is a symptom of something else, not the end issue at all. Make sure they evaluate you for a variety of vestibular issues like balance disorders, Meniere’s, etc. You might even just have fluid or crystals in the wrong place and that can be relieved with the Epley maneuver.

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I do wonder about that one. Luckily I’ve only had dizzy spells like 3 times in my life, but I’m thinking that’s where the crystals are tumbling around.

How do they evaluate for crystals or the other items you mentioned?

I found a site that may help answer my question

Vertigo? Not uncommon for people as they get older. There’s a prescription med called anti vert thats available. But as you can see all you’re going to get here is a lot of guesses.



I worked for a consulting engineering firm, and a colleague had one cochlear implant. Hehad severe balance problems. He had to touch the wall with his hand as he walked down it’s length. Told me that the cause was a single hearing aid.

I’ve had my own experiences with balance problems, while wearing a single hearing aid. I believe he’s right.

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I have an update. Had an MRI with and without contrast. I had a scheduled appt with my GP and she said I have tumor (did not specify except to say it was a schwannoma). I have an appt on August 31 to review the tests and a tentative appt with the ENT on Sept 2. I assume that if there is nothing that they can address, the appt is cancelled. The MRI report says “punctuate enhancing focus within Meckel’s cave on the left is nonspecific, though may relate to a schwannoma”. I said that it says “may be related”. She replied that it is a tumor, that I should insists on seeing the ENT and also tell him I have balance issues (I fell on the floor, etc.). I wish I knew if it is a acoustic neuroma because I think that they can be easier to remove and possibly have an implant.

The only thing productive I have to offer is how to deal with this until you see the ENT. You don’t have the answers you want and won’t until you see the ENT. You will be thinking about this a lot. Trying not to doesn’t work. Acknowledging that you’re thinking about it and moving on can work. It takes many repetitions and after awhile one can see humor in the minds ability to return to a thought. Reading up on mindfulness can be beneficial.


There is a prescription medication for dizziness and balancing called antivert. It’s basically a antihistamine. I use it as necessary. My Dr feels my balancing problems are seasonal. Meaning allergy related. But I wonder

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Thanks. Excellent idea.

Are you taking medication? Blood pressure? Check side effects for your prescriptions…
I am taking some; dizziness is a side effect.


Did you google this stuff up? From what I just read, it seems unlikely to be an acoustic neuroma as I don’t think the auditory nerve goes through meckel’s cave. The trigeminal nerve goes through there and my bet would be the tumor is on that nerve. But all this is from a quick google search based on what you wrote. I am not a medical person. But I encourage everyone to do as much research on test results and conditions so you can be a more informed participant in your treatment. I certainly wish you the best outcome in this!


Although I don’t discourage Google Medical searches, (I do it all the time), I don’t encourage it either. I think it largely depends on personality and ability to judge validity of material. There’s a lot of garbage out there, and all of it designed to make a certain amount of sense.