Bone Conduction Headphone Style Hearing Aid?

I have significant conductive loss in my left ear. I was almost in tears the first time I tried the bluetooth Aftershokz bone conduction headphones because of how well I could hear the music equally from both ears. The sound quality was excellent and I had to buy a pair.

My BTE with double dome RIC does well but can be finicky with sweat, rain or heat whereas the headphones don’t mind.

I love phone calls, music and TV linked with the headphones as I can understand so much more than I ever did before. It has two microphones aimed forward that have noise cancellation and sound comparison/evaluation capabilities. I tried a simple cell phone hearing aid app with them and the sound quality was very good but had a long delay. Just proved that there was hope.

I’ve viewed the Baha and Adhear(?) versions of bone conduction hearing aids but they just seem more like an expensive afterthought. The Aftershokz are sleek, comfortable and not as obtrusive.

Anyone know of a headphone bone conduction hearing aid that is more like the aftershokz type?