Bone Conduction Headphone Style Hearing Aid?

I have significant conductive loss in my left ear. I was almost in tears the first time I tried the bluetooth Aftershokz bone conduction headphones because of how well I could hear the music equally from both ears. The sound quality was excellent and I had to buy a pair.

My BTE with double dome RIC does well but can be finicky with sweat, rain or heat whereas the headphones don’t mind.

I love phone calls, music and TV linked with the headphones as I can understand so much more than I ever did before. It has two microphones aimed forward that have noise cancellation and sound comparison/evaluation capabilities. I tried a simple cell phone hearing aid app with them and the sound quality was very good but had a long delay. Just proved that there was hope.

I’ve viewed the Baha and Adhear(?) versions of bone conduction hearing aids but they just seem more like an expensive afterthought. The Aftershokz are sleek, comfortable and not as obtrusive.

Anyone know of a headphone bone conduction hearing aid that is more like the aftershokz type?

I have the same question. Now that 3 years has passed, has there been any attempt to provide such technology. Why can’t a BTE have a bluetooth transmitter instead of a dome?

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I still haven’t found anything. I had reached out and had appointments with Audiologist/Ear Doc/Surgeon the only thing they had was the implant stud with the bone conduction.

One of the manufacturers they represented offered their headband with the bone conduction aid attached but it wasn’t as nice as the aftershokz. It was obtrusive looking for work so I didn’t do anything with it.


You can now get bone conduction hearing aids that work on a magnet rather then a stud.

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They suck, you will lose 10 decibels with magnet ones.

I think op was looking at not surgical bone conduction hearing aids.


Thanks for explaining. I wasn’t aware that you loose dB with the magnet.


This is a news presenter here in the UK that’s wears a BAHA without surgery.

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Yes, thank you. That’s the one that my audiologist had me review. It’s not as comfortable as the Aftershokz headset especially with hair as short as mine.

The Aftershokz wraps around your ear and hangs lower down and around your neck. I’ve run and biked with it on for phone calls and music. Has good wind cancelling. Also less noticeable. I can also wear various hats or helmets with it when it’s cold outside as I have very little hair unlike the broadcaster.

Their Mics point forward and aren’t at the back of your head. Everyone on phone conversations say that they hear me very clearly. The rechargeable battery is significantly larger lasting about 20 hours on a charge. Volume control and other buttons are very easy to access and navigate.

Magnetic bone conductors loose db and some clarity due to their transmission through the skin. I’m assuming that the aftershokz headphones are similar in this nature but they are plenty loud and clear for me.

As for looks, the aftershokz looks like you have a phone/headset connected device and no one says anything. The bone conduction headband looks like a major hearing device that others question or stare at.

I may reach out to Aftershokz and see if they’ve considered it as a hearing device. I’m sure there’s not as much market for it but it’s at least worth a shot.

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Heard back from Aftershokz. They have received a lot of inquiry into the same type of product from others like me but their marketing team hasn’t made a decision on it.

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Ah! Found these - Walker’s Raptor Bone Conduction Hearing Enhancer.

One of the reviewers notes this, ‘So if you want Aftershokz with the mics used as hearing aids, the Raptor is your solution.’

I just wish the mics were on the front but that may cause feedback?

Forgot to follow up. I did manage to get a part of the walker / cabelas but the reviews were true. They are way to quiet to be of any benefit. I don’t even know how you use them for their intended purpose as they are not loud enough. I keep seeing them with heavy mark downs and I think that is why.