Bluetooth streaming cutting off when phone placed in pocket

Anyone has Resound Quattros 9’s ITE or other hearing aids brand cutting off music if your iPhone is in the pants pocket or armband or waistband while jogging? Sometimes music cuts off if iPhone is on my hand but head or arm turned to one side? I have tested Phonak Virto M90s 312 ITE and Bluetooth did cut off but not that bad as Resounds do. Is it me getting crappy hearing aids? Or Bluetooth simply don’t work well in custom mould fittings? What is your experience and what works best?

Can’t address that but I’ve found that the Kirkland KS9’s cut out on me when I Bluetooth stream podcasts and the phone is in my shirt pocket, cargo shorts pocket, or armband phone holder. All I can figure is that the phone’s BT (it’s iPhone 6) is blocked or otherwise messed up when close to my body. If I set it down, it streams perfectly unless I get like 20 feet away.

I have Resound Preza and have not experienced that issue whether in All Around or Music programs. I have even tested the distance from my iPhone to about 30 feet and still hear clear music.
Maybe your fitter can make some adjustments?

I have Quattros and have the same problem. I’ve taken to carrying the phone in my hand.

My Preza(s) have cut out on me occasionally in similar circumstances. It seems to do it only on my favorite songs! :wink:

I have the same problem also with the Resound 961. When I stream to only one ha, the problem is much less. In the trial period one ha was switched to a new one for this problem, but this didn’t help.