Bluetooth question

I recently got a set of PHONAK life hearing aids. I was wondering if anyone would know where to get information or how to get the hearing aids to stop turning off the Bluetooth connection to my insulin pump and CGM use. Looked on both website to find the information found nothing. The hearing aids are great but the pump must work for obvious reasons. Still in a trail period any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

the pump’s Bluetooth was malfunction it will be replaced.
The hearing aids where defective and replaced.
Thank you all for your ideas.
Had to return the aids do to incompatibility with the pump. Phonak said they where aware of the situation.

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That should not be a function of the hearing aids it is a function of the Bluetooth itself, more than likely your phone but a priority on your hearing devices. There will be nothing with your aids tha5 can prevent that except disconnecting your aids.

As @cvkemp said, this probably has to do with your phone rather than with the hearing aids. You don’t say what phone you are using, but my Samsung android gives me the option of turning off streaming while keeping the phone connection active. On the Bluetooth page which shows the individual Bluetooth connections, there is a setting wheel next to each device connected. This setting lets me turn off Bluetooth streaming. When I do that, I am not bother by notifications and other artifacts from the Bluetooth connection.

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If you don’t have any luck I’d try contacting the Insulin Pump manufacturer. They’d likely want to know anything that might interfere with their pump anyway. I would think they would be highly motivated to get things straightened out.


It depends on what phone you have. My husband has no problems with this with his iPhone. If you have an iPhone I can send you info from my husband.

I should have said that my husband also has the Tandem pump with Dexicom 7 CGM. He uses an iPhone. His immediate reaction to your question was to ask what phone you use. He is having no such problems.

Thank you everyone for your feedback back. After working with all parties we found the problem and it was corrected. All parties involved where very helpful. The pump is being replaced. Thanks again for your feedback.

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Glad he had not had any problems. There was a problem with the pump. Bad timing that it was around the same time I got the hearing aids. In any case the problem is solved. Thanks for your input and assistance.

Thanks for your help all parties where very helpful and we got to the bottom of the problem. The pump is having issues. Thanks

Try contacting PHONAK support directly. They may be able to suggest specific steps to resolve Bluetooth incompatibility with your insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system. Since you are in the trial period, it is important to resolve this issue immediately.

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I agree if after I get my new pump this continues I will have to exchange the hearing aids for a different brand. Thanks for the response.

@Stargazer pls help me to understand. Does your Insulin pump allow connection to headphones? I cannot imagine this is the case (If I knew the model I could check)?

Nope the alarms come through the hearing aids so I can hear them. I called Phonak they where very helpful as well my pump company. Both companies wanted to know so they could look into it and make corrections and advise me properly. In order to work they all use the bluetooth the problem is they are not sharing the bluetooth well. My pump needs the information from CGM or it can’t does the insulin properly. Done via bluetooth. The problem is they are all using bluetooth at the same time. The pump company identified a pump problem and sent a replacement and my audiologist identified a problem with the hearing gave me a new set of hearing aids. I hoping that seeing both items were not working properly that this solves the problem. If not I will have to switch to a set of hearing aids similar to the ones I had before because they had no problem working together. I didn’t use specific pump imfo because I always get remarks like I or someone doesn’t have a problem that not helping. I was trying to find the right setting to deactivate the bluetooth to the hearing aids. To allow the pump to work until the problems where identified and corrected. I got the new pump this weekend and the new hearing aids today. Hopefully that ends the problem or I will simply get a different make of hearing aid. Sorry for the lengthy response. I hope this answers your question and thanks for your inquiry. :+1: