Bluetooth pairing difficulties


I wear both a cochlear implant on the Left and and a Resound HA on the Right. I woke this morning to find that my Resound hearing aid was no longer connecting to my iphone. I was previously using BT connectivity to both my cochlear on the Left and Resound HA on the right without any issues.

I go to: General settings -> accessibility -> MFi Hearing Devices to attempt to re-establish my link.

However, when I attempted to reconnect Resound HA to iphone the option to select device to pair never comes up (it only shows the cochlear L). I tried doing the “forget this device” option for the cochlear and following this both hearing devices will show up with the option to pair a device and I was able to pair to each individually so I know that both devices are still capable of pairing. However, the problem is I can no longer pair to both at the same time any longer.

There were no updates to the phone overnight or any other changes. I have spent over two hours today trying to re-establish normalcy and have tried turn off/on, reboot iphone etc without success. I’m a little frustrated as I need both sides to understand people on the phone. Any suggestions? What’s next?



When I called ReSound awhile ago while having connection issues–the App kept losing an ear and sometimes not pairing at all, part of the protocol of resetting the network connection and re-pairing the devices was to open the Smart 3d App and TURN OFF “optimize MFI connection” (which my audiologist had turned on). Maybe check that that’s off?



Interestingly that was already turned off.

Just tried the reset network settings as well to no avail.

Am really baffled because this was never an issue before.



If you haven’t already done so I suggest you re-boot the iPhone. It has helped me to do so on occasions. c!



You say you are using bluetooth to connect to both devices, but then you refer to mfi settings. They aren’t the same. Is there a bluetooth device on the phone in addition to the MFI device? If so, try deleting both of them and see if that will let you re-pair. Maybe you will need to get the HA reset by the audiologist.



Well Bluetooth has to be “on” but you use the MFi (made for iPhone) to establish the pairing.

No other Bluetooth devices are paired with the phone.

Trying to get ahold of audiologist but no luck so far. Problematic getting ahold of anyone as I can’t use the phone without both devices streaming the phone call.

Really don’t understand it, was never an issue before.



Try pairing the devices with another phone to see if the problem is with the devices or with your phone. If you can’t talk to the audiologist over the phone, then go in person or use email.




I went to see both my cochlear audiologist at an academic center and my local audiologist who managed by hearing aids prior to being implanted 1.5 years ago. Nobody can figure out why it will no longer pair binaurally.

Academic audiologist spoke to both Resound and Cochlear who both passed the ball to each other with Cochlear stating that my current Enzo 5 squared isn’t even compatible with allowing pairing of phone to both hearing devices.

Subsequently the same day I saw community audiologist who spoke to Resound and got the same answer from them that I would have to upgrade to the Enzo 3D line as my current aid doesn’t support that feature.

Well how has it been working for the last 18 months with no difficulty whatsoever??? I am so frustrated, now I’m supposed to shell out 2500-4000 dollars to resume a feature I previously had…