Bluetooth options for Phonak Audeo B90 R

What are my options to add blue tooth to my (new to me) Audeo B90 rechargeables?
I just saw a Youtube video comparing Roger Pen (mono) to ComPilot II (stereo). I want to listen to my Iphone 6s+. To listen to TV. Seems that a simple solution would be Blue Tooth headphones, so Bluetooth from Iphone to headphones to a manual cover of the Audeos. Please offer some suggestions here keeping in mind costs… Thanks so much, Allen

As previously mentioned, compilot ll or compilot Air for phone calls and media streaming, for tv a PhonakTV Link, all are available on eBay, just use the search button.
You’ll need to do this properly using iCube ll and Phonak target software, or pay for a audiology clinic to do it for you.
It’s been said that the compilot ll can be be straight out of the box if new, but I’ve never been able to do this myself, I’ve always had to add the compilot or air in target to get them to work correctly.

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Thanks. I just got a set of bluetooth over the ear headphones working with my Iphone. The sound from the radio is better than when I piped it direct to my KS8’s. I’m impressed with the Phonak Audeo 90’s so far, but a bit challenged after listening to Dr. Phil review these on youtube. Seems they are very versatile, but the software requires tweaking to make them so. I’ve never been successful with a dispenser wanting to take the time. I’ll look to doing it myself, but the software must require a good learning curve.