Bluetooth headset with the biggest possible ear cushion

Hello everyone.

Lately, I’m giving up my wired headset/headphones desktop/laptops setups in favor of the bluetooth technology ones.

My current setups were that I would usually have some speakers on the desk that would take input from the desktop/laptop into them which I then amplified to my needs as an input to my wired headphones/headset. So far I was happy with this setup but I felt like I have to advance into the bluetooth era.

But here is the problem. For wired headphones/headset you can easily find some with very big ear cushions that can literally enclose my entire ear in it AND my BTE hearing aid, but for bluetooth it’s that is not the case, even when labeled as: “over-ear”.

So what happens is that I’ve now tried some headsets in the 50EUR cost scale and on the 150EUR cost scale with the same totally undesired counter-effect. As the cushions are small and as these were all designed to be worn on the ear which is not how my hearing works I get increasingly swollen ear canal. You see if you put them on the BTE the cushion then pushes the earmold with an angle into the ear canal causing these troubles.

I still have the option to pair my devices with my hearing aid bluetooth receiver/transmiter but I feel this will bring in another level of complexity to my daily operations as I will have to press a lot of buttons when I’m off the PC, my phone rings, I have to make a call and so forth as of now I just press a button for when I want to be in and out of T-Coil mode.

So that brings us to the question… has anybody seen a bluetooth headset with BIG ear cushions?

Which brings up to measurements.
So let’s suppose they can be measured as ellipses, I will include: height, width and ear cushion padding width.

JBL Live 660NC:
9cm x 7,5cm x 2cm

Sennheiser 450BT
9cm x 7,5cm x 2cm (the padding gets narrower towards the vertical ends)

So, if you bring in a recommendation it has to be significantly bigger than those.

Thanks in advance.

I have been using over-the-ear Bose Noise Cancelling headsets for years, probably 4 different generations, currently model 700. Cushion dimensions:
9.86 x 7.87 x 3.10 cm
These are not cheap but they work very well. I also have in front of me the Bose QC 35s with cushions very similar, but not as thick. Both of these Bose headsets are BT.
I have used Bose headsets over Signia, Oticon and EarLens BTEs.

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I use Bose quiet comfort head phones. BT and Wi-Fi as well. They fit very comfortably over my Cochlear N7 processor and Resound aid. Highly recommend them for comfort and sound.

do you mean to say that you use headphones with hearing aids?

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@vigetan yes I have to wear my hearing devices or I wouldn’t understand what’s being said, being severely profoundly deaf.

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I’m back to where I have one of my wired headset setups.

The headset here is:
Hama uRage SoundZ 200

and their measurements are:
10cm x 8cm x 2cm

and I am getting absolutely NO troubles wearing them, meaning that seems like their height must the the decisive factor (at least in my case).

I will upload a “technical drawing” soon so that a “point of reference” will be established.

Here is the “technical drawing” I promised:


H is the outer height
h is the inner height
W is the outer width
w is the inner width
C is the cushion width