Bluetooth, HAs, phones, and cars

So if you have your hearing aids paired to your phone, and your phone paired to your car, which bluetooth pairing takes precedence? I currently have Oticon alta2 pros that can only pair to the phone using a streamer, but should be due for new aids from the VA if my local clinic begins making appointments again. It seems like most of the newer aids should be able to pair with either Iphone or Android without needing a device in between, and either phone can pair to my car. Just wondering if you need to have the phone forget the hearing aids to use the vehicle link? - I don’t have Apple Carplay or Android auto in my car, just a fairly dumb bluetooth mode that still works really well for answering calls if needed while driving.

I have the OPNS1 aids paired to iPhone,my iPhone is paired to the Jeep GC and when in my Jeep the iPhone defaults to the Jeep audio system


Thanks for the feedback

Until very recently, with my new car, I didn’t have Apple Carplay either. I hope I’m understanding your question correctly. My phone’s bluetooth connected to my ReSound Quattro aids. My phone connected to my car. If my phone rang, the call would come to my aids.

Thanks - It sounds like the behavior will really depend on what aids, and how things are programmed to react. Always something new to learn.

I just got a new car that has this feature. I’ve played with settings in the phone to prefer the aids for calls and audio, hoping that android auto could still work with the car…so far no luck in getting things right. It keeps switching to the car for calls and I’ve all but given up.

I would prefer that the calls go through the car, as most times my phone is in my pocket. That would present issues if whatever new aids I may be “given” don’t use the HA microphones for the call. Technology is so much fun.