Bluetooth dropping IPhone 13mini/audio options on a text link to a video conference

2 issues: 1 — I have a new Iphone 13 mini. It’s worked well with my Oticon OPN S1s since acquisition in early December I think it was. But, the other day I experienced two episodes off having to delete the instruments and repair them to get the Bluetooth link working again. Thank goodness I know how to do this, but with this phone and IOS 16.1.2 has anyone else experienced this?

2: Today my wife had a telemedicine visit but no Zoom link was sent by the doctor. (My wife’s disabled and not tech savvy). There may have been an email issue. The doctor called my cell (13 mini) and said to open the link in a text he sent to have a video conversation with my wife. I could not find a way to break the BT link to my hearing aids and had to tell him to call back on my hardline and just put the phone in her hands.

The question: does anyone have experience dealing with audio source changing when doing a video call via a link sent to an iphone via a text message? Any guidance would be helpful.

Thanks to all.


The IOS16.2 is out I would suggest to upgrade to it for your iPhone. The second issue you should disable the Bluetooth on the iPhone this will disconnect the aids from the aids.
I have the IPhone 13 and the More1 aids and also the OPNS1 aids as my backups. My More1 aids will have issues with the streaming stopping but the aids are still showing connected to the phone. But I haven’t noticed the issue with my OPNS1 aids.

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Ah, yes, I should have tried to go to settings and disable BT. I couldn’t do that before the call as I had no idea he was going to call my cell. I hope I remember the settings trick. I just was stunned he’d pinged my cell and didn’t want to keep him waiting while I struggled with the BT issue since I needed to get the thing on speaker for my wife. I’ll look for that software upgrade as well.

Many thanks.

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Is your hearing aid firmware up to w? I have the same iPhone with Rexton KS8 sids. They stopped working correctly with my phone several iOS versions ago and Rexton never released updated firmware.

For me, I discovered a workaround better than re-pairing. Settings → Accessibility → Hearing Devices
Click your aids at the top.
Toggle “Stream to Right Hearing Device” and “Stream to Left Hearing Device”

For me that works quicker that the re-pairing suggested by Rexton support.

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Thanks for the tip. I’ll check with my audiologist on the status of my firmware. I did talk with Apple about “swiping” to move the video out of the way while I went to settings to kill off bluetooth … no problem with that they say. I did update my phone to the latest software overnight.

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I know that whenever I need to replace my aids, I will tend to avoid Rexton and its sister brands over this lack of support. When I first had issues the aids were over 6 months old so outside the return window.