Bluetooth connectivity with Oticon miniRite hearing aids

I am new to hearing aids and recently acquired a set of Oticon miniRites. I had no trouble getting the Bluetooth setup with my iPhone, and doing the basic setup with my car (a Tesla). I just noticed an issue with the car. If I try to listen to anything (radio, streaming, etc) through the car sound system I can’t control the volume. It seems to be different depending on what I was listening to (and its volume when I got in the car). Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can fix this. I’m fine controlling the car volume with my phone if necessary, but so far I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I have some additional info. Apparently, this type of issue is not that uncommon. It can be due to interaction between the low power Bluetooth technology used by the hearing aids and conventional Bluetooth used by everything else. My issue seems to have been resolved by software updates for both my phone and my car. If you encounter issues like this it is important to report them to both Apple and Tesla.

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@jehiii Which Oticon do you have?
Is it Oticon More miniRITE?
I though you can’t connect them to the car audio using Bluetooth, my understanding is you will need a connectclip! not sure if this is correct.

You are absolutely correct. In fact, you can’t connect to any Bluetooth source (with the exception of the phone) without the ConnectClip. Apparently the HA’s attach via a low power version of Bluetooth and the ConnectClip acts as an interface between the HA’s and any Bluetooth device.

I think you can connect Oticon More to ASHA bluetooth (new android smartphone), other than ASHA, you are correct, you will need a ConnecClip.
But, More is MiFi which means it connects to iPhone/iPad without the ConnectClip, not sure how you can control your car stereo with an iPhone (maybe Apple carplay).
But how to control your car stereo volume using your Oticon more, that’s another ball game, Siri maybe?

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I have the More1 aids and have them paired directly to my Samsung S23 android phone, my iPad, connect clip and the Oticon TV Adapter. I have seamless streaming from any of the devices. When I had my iPhone instead of the Samsung phone I wasn’t able to have my aids stream from my iPhone then switch to the iPad without disabling Bluetooth on the iPhone to switch to the iPad, then I would have to reverse the process to go back the other way. Now it is a no brainer.
Now be careful the More or Real aids don’t work well with just any android phone and to be honest they don’t work well with every android phone on the compatibility list that Oticon has published.

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