Bimodal pairing of Cochlear and Resound

In order for me to use my Cochlear Kanso 2 with my Resound ONE hearing aid for bimodal made for iPhone streaming, I had to go to an audiologist to pair them together first. Otherwise, they are separate devices on my phone and cannot be used at the same time.

I’m curious if anyone has any updated devices and hasn’t had to do this process anymore. Perhaps the Cochlear N8 and Resound Nexia don’t require this? I’m guessing they still do require the audiologist to link them together though.

Just inquiring to see if they figured out a way to not require this for newer devices.


Oh. I see here ( that with the Cochlear N8, “Important: your clinician must link your hearing devices and assign your hearing aid to the correct ear before you can pair to your Apple device.”

The same is true for Android devices.

Oh, and I didn’t realize that if one buys a new Resound device, they have to sometimes wait for the Resound and/or the Cochlear processor to be updated and cannot assume anything in terms of bimodal technology.
The Resound Nexia is not even listed on Cochlear’s website, nor is the Apple iPhone 15 line yet.

The Resound website does link to the Cochlear website, which is nice. I’m glad they finally say that the hands-free technology offered by the ONE and OMNIA is not supported for bimodal use. I had complained they did not clarify it on their website:

Of course, the Nexia is not mentioned in the Bimodal section of Resound’s website.

One big goal in my eyes would be to have devices that support bimodal streaming without the clinician needing to be involved in the initial pairing of the two devices (perhaps some phone assisted feature could be developed), and faster support of hearing devices when they are released.

In addition, the bidirectional microphones for hands-free phone use would be amazing.

Compatibility between the two company’s devices have gotten better, but I look forward to more seamless compatibility with their Alliance, and this will have to be accomplished through time.


@member72 even the N8 has to be “linked” by the audiologist first to give me bilateral bimodal streaming. Believe me, it’s a pain in the royal proverbial.

I have found a workaround for me, I keep my iPhone backed up on my desktop computer in iTunes. If I lose the “link” for whatever reason (it happens) I restore my last backup. I have lost my link 3 time in 4.5 years, twice now I’ve been able to restore the “link” by doing this.

Good luck.

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My guess (repeat ‘guess’) is that once LE Audio is bedded down on Resound, Cochlear, and whatever device you want to communicate with, you’ll be able to do this yourself.

This happened to me once with my N7. I originally thought the process was to pair the devices. This was 4 years ago when the N7 was the only device Cochlear had with bluetooth capability. I desperately asked here on the forum and everyone too thought it was a pairing issue. With all the pairing help, I could not get the streaming, the phone calls to both devices. Took the devices to my Cochlear audiologist who statedvitbwasn’t a pairing problem, the devices became unlinked. So I came back and told the forum about linking. That it was different from pairing and only the audi that does your sound processor mappings could “relink” your devices.

It is a royal pain to have to get the process done, but @Deaf_piper has a cool work around. I don’t use my ReSound HA that much, but this info is good to know.