Best Programs for sound in noise for ReSound


hi all, wanted to hear what your thoughts were on this. my audiologist had previously primarily used restaurant mode for all of my difficult speech in noise on my ReSound LiNX. sometimes duplicated the program and adjusted directionality or aggressiveness based on desired program she was setting up. I wanted to see if there were better programs or alternatives to try to challenging environments on the Quattro’s I get fitted with on Friday.

value your guys input a lot. thanks :slight_smile:


I have the Kirkland Signature 6 aids which are the same as Resound Linx. After my hearing test last week we tried adjusting them to improve my speech comprehension. We were unable to do so.
I got much better results trying Rexton made Kirkland Signature 8 even though they were just roughly set up. I get properly fitted next week.


I’ve had the quattro’s for about 4 mos… I usually use my All Around program setting when I’m away from home and outdoors… but I do not like it when indoors at home, everything seems sharp and overly loud so I used the sound enhancer to set the way I like to hear indoors as a favorite program called At Home … it works off of the All Around prog. I also set up an Away From Home favorite and it switches between the 2 by using a GPS setting… when I’m leaving home I have a GPS setting on a street I drive on about 1/2 mile away that switches automatically to my Away From Home settings and on returning home I use a setting a few houses away to go back to my Home favorite… it works great…
you can try setting up the same type of favorite off your app, but don’t turn on the GPS mode… then you can switch to it manually using the app… find out how you want to hear in a restaurant or similar setting and just click on add a favorite


I listen to podcasts streamed to my noise-cancelling headphones with the sound being both sent through my HA’s (medium-power receivers) and going through my open domes. My listening is in noisy environments at a Gold’s Gym and outside walking at night where cars, airplanes, helicopters, dogs barking, wind in trees, clothes rustling as I walk can all interfere.

I find that I get the best speech-in-noise recognition by using the Outdoor program with the Speech Clarity quickset. If I don’t adjust the volume, I get a bit of feedback and the voices might sound tinny. But I turn down the volume of my HA’s to 3 or 4 in the Smart 3D app and I turn up the volume of the headphones. The result is that the HA part of the path has a pretty loud input signal from what I want to hear (speech in podcast) and low input volume from any noise that makes it through noise-cancelling headphones (low volume setting on HA’s). With these relative settings, the speech is very clear to me and very natural. Since the Outdoor program with Speech Clarity quickset really amplifies the treble, I’m a little worried I’m blasting my ears with high frequency sound power that I can’t hear too well - and I’m also aware that one habituates to loud sound and then is tempted to turn volume up even further (“it’s not as loud as it used to be…, etc.”). Perhaps someday I need to go to my audi and as a double check ask to get a REM when I’m streaming a podcast as above and see what’s actually going on inside my ears! :grinning:


noisy place where SNR can not be maintained eg resturant where song paly in background and your talker is beside or back or on some distance more than 1 feet only multimic will help.


On the Smart 3D app you’ll be using with Quattros, the Restaurant program will, or should, have a Speech Focus slider that has choices Wide, Medium, Narrow, and Automatic (I don’t know what Automatic does). So you can control directionality with the app. My suggestion, while not what you asked for, is to make sure before you leave the audiologist that the app, when paired with your trial aids, has all the sliders that it should, in the Sound Enhancer section of each program. Here’s what I have, in addition to the three “equalizer” sliders in each program:

Noise Reduction, which I described in a previous post, and is probably important for you. Of course its effect is also subject to fitting software settings.
Wind Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction
Speech Focus
Wind Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction
Wind Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction
Wind Noise Reduction


Today I visited my audi for a REM. She reviewed my usage of the Quattro’s in the Smart Fit software and remarked that I mostly used the All-Around program but the Outdoor program was in second place. I said that’s because I listen to podcasts in noisy environments and I understand speech best with the settings described above in my quote. She remarked that the Outdoor program most closely matches my prescribed fitting and the All-Around program (for reasons she didn’t say) “backs off the prescribed fitting.” So I didn’t ask her for an explanation but if anyone knows the reasons behind this, I love to hear (otherwise, I’ll save it as a question for my next visit to the audi!). The other upshot is for no other reason than curiosity, other folks might want to ask their audi which of their HA program(s) best match their prescribed fit (with adjustments for REM).


Yeah, I use restaurant mode and All around exclusively. I have a second all-around program in that I have been tweaking the feedback settings but that’s mostly for when I’m playing the piano (the MUSIC setting itself was useless to me).

Mostly, for noisy enviroments I bring up the resound app on the iPhone and tweak the eq and focus parameters to fit the situation.