Best Otosclerosis/Stapedectomy Ear surgeon in Dallas, Texas

Hi All,

I recently diagnosed with otosclerosis and one of the ENT doctor suggested me to go for surgery.
Any one suggest best stapedectomy surgeon in Dallas or in Texas and also what will be the approximately surgery cost for the surgery.


hope you got insurance or deep pockets…


I am in the same boat. Got diagnosed with otosclerosis 3 years back. I am on an invisible/IIC hearing aid but lately having a lot of trouble at work due to clarity of conversations getting worse. I just got put on the sodium fluoride prescription as well.

I am considering stapedectomy and looking for recommendations for expert surgeon anywhere in Dallas/Texas.

Would greatly appreciate any recommendations/insights.

Thanks to folks running this forum. Its an incredible source of information and comfort.

Db100 or gurralaraghu, did you guys have your stapedectomy surgeries done? Could you share your experience with us? I am on the same boat. Thinking about having the surgery on my left ear. I live in Houston, Tx. Thks

Hi Doc Jake,

I have Aetna Insurance. Please let me know if you know any good doctor for Stapedectomy surgery in Dallas, Texas. I heard from other forums that, the following are the few of the best surgeons in USA.

Dr. Michael McKenna, Boston
Dr. Shea, Memphasis
Dr. Neil M Sperling, New York
Dr. Michael Fucci, Phenix


I have not gone through the surgery yet.

Reddy - Did you have luck finding highly recommended Dr in Dallas area?

Jakey, you recommending this doctor or did you find him in the yellow pages? I think the fellow deserves your opinion why you are recommending him.

Slow day in the basement Kenji? Did someone put you in charge hell you can’t take a crap without your mom letting you upstairs.

If this gentleman would like more information he’s welcome to PM me.

Reddy - Did you have luck finding highly recommended Dr in Dallas area?



After 7 years of playing safe on hearing aids, I decided to get the stapedectomy done on my right ear 2 weeks back.

This forum has been very informative and supportive and want to share my experience.

First of all, my sincere appreciation for Dr Hahn at Dallas Ear. I opted to get the treatment under him care after reading great reviews online. I found him highly skilled, experienced, professional and caring. I highly recommend him.

I was scheduled for an early morning surgery. I was put on IV once I checked-in and completed paperwork. Dr, the anesthesiologist and the nurse were very kind and kept me informed of the next set of steps.
I was put on general anesthesia and the surgery took about 1.5 hours. Dr and nurse informed my wife that the surgery had gone very well. I was moved to the post op area and was scheduled to lie flat on the back for 3-4 hours. I only woke up from the anesthesia towards the end of that period. Dr came to check on me after I woke up. I had a gel pack deep in the ear canal, a cotton ball outside and small stitches on the back of the ear. I could not hear anything from my operated ear but certainly felt the ambience sounds a bit more than before. I was given some juice and then raised slowly out of the bed to see if I am able to stand and take a few steps. I was fairly dizzy but was stable enough to stand and walk and was discharged.
There was some bleeding from the operated ear first couple of days which is normal. I changed cotton every day, light wiping of outer ear and took prescribed ear drops. I had light ear pain for next 2-3 days and took Advil as suggested. I rested on my back for a week and walked a little inside the home. I was uncomfortable eating any solid items and stayed on semi liquid diet for almost a week. I was afraid of metallic taste but fortunately none of that. The dizziness gradually reduced over 7-10 days. I could not hear much through the operated ear but the internal drinking/brushing/chewing voices were much louder than before. The ear ringing got a bit worse on my operated ear.
I reported for my first post op dr visit 10 days after the surgery. I was very nervous going in. The dr inspected my ear and removed the gel pack which was quick and painless. A huge difference the minute the gel pack was removed. I immediately started hearing dr’s voice and the ambience sound very loud. I had some dried blood in the ear canal, the dr used the ear wash machine and that sounded really unbearably louded. This was a highly emotional and intense moment for me after 10 years of hearing struggles. The road noise on the ride back home was also extremely loud.
I am still getting used to the loud sounds. The human voices lack some clarity but it takes time for nerves to start processing fully under the new situation. I have 4 more weeks before I resume fully routine. I still have the ear ringing issue in my operated ear but very hopeful it will subside like it has for others blessed with successful stapedectomies. I am scheduled for a hearing test after 2.5 months.

Overall, I feel immensely blessed and wish nothing less for anyone facing a similar situation. Can’t wait to get the second ear fixed later next year.

A sincere, heartfelt gratitude for Dr Hahn and his team for what they’ve done for me.

Hi folks, I’ve been reading the forum for a long time and it has been very helpful, even more now that I am an avid DIYer. This is my first comment though.

I was diagnosed with otosclerosis almost 25 years ago. Shortly after that I did a stapedectomy in my right ear (in the year 2000 I believe). No surgery for my left ear.

My expierence, and one’s experience may vary considerably, is that I got a better audiogram result in my right ear (with stapedectomy) than my left ear (no stapedectomy). However, the quality (for lack of a better word) of what I hear after the amplification of my aids is considerably better on my left ear. Couple of years ago I got a pair of Oticon OPN 3 and with them I rely greatly on my left ear for pretty much everything (listening to people, watching TV, singing and playing the guitar, etc.).

On the flip side, as you can see in my audiogram, when I am not wearing my OPN my right ear is the one that allows me to cope with the basic. Noneless, I would not consider a stapedectomy on my left ear because I believe nowadays hearing aids deliver a much better final result.

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I would be very interested to see the before / after audiogram for anyone who has has a stapedectomy.

I hope you don’t take recommendations from an online forum for a surgeon seriously