Best High Frequency Loss hearing aids at Costco (if any)

Can anyone tell me what the best high frequency loss Hearing Aid is at Costco? I’ve been wearing the Resound Forte for 5 years, never shouldn’t have kept them past trial period. I’ve had them reprogrammed at 3 different Costcos
I have trouble with soft voices, background noise, can’t hear smoke alarms or similar items chirping.
Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks

It does sound like your setup just needs the low level sounds boosted somewhat, notably in the upper frequencies. It’s possible the hearing aids/ receiver combo that you got don’t have enough power for your needs in the upper frequencies… a fresh audiogram would tell what power you’d need.

If the resound app will pair with them, you can try boosting the settings… see if that helps any.

Did any of the refittings at Costcos include a fresh hearing test?

Seeing your audiogram would really help. (Top of page, click on FORUM and then My Hearing Tests)
You might just need more gain, but it’s also possible no amount of gain is going to get you hearing high frequencies. If that’s the case, then frequency lowering can be used. Resound has frequency lowering but it’s not very sophisticated. Do you know if they’ve got it turned on? Both Rexton and Phillips have more settings on their frequency lowering.