Best CIC hearing aid

Ok people i want to learn which is the best CIC hearing aid. I need something with great enhancement in high frequencies - block low frequencies and bass.

Your question is unanswerable. There are many aids on the market, any number of which may work for a particular loss.

Moderate loss of hearing pal.

Guys any good CIC hearing aid for moderate loss of hearing out there?
This f*cking siemens nitro i have now has terrible feedback…

From my very personal experience I can tell you that my Destiny 1200 CIC work great for me, almost no feedback and they’re just perfect when talking on the phone (be it cellular/mobile or wireless). T-Coil adjusts automatically when putting the phone on the ear and the HA changes to the normal program when taking the phone off.

But these are my 1st HA (have been wearing them for 5 months tho) and have nothing more to compare with. I just can tell you that when considering CIC Hearing Aids I was between Siemens Cielo 2 and those Starkey Destiny 1200, and chose the latter for their supposed superior performance when phone talking. Well, as you can guess I’m very happy with them.

Could you please be a little more specific on what you mean by “great enhancement” in high frequencies? And, when you say you want to “block low frequencies and bass” do you really mean you want the HAs to block those sounds or do you mean you don’t need the HAs to amplify the lower frequencies (in which case an open fit might be better for you than CICs, depending on vent size of the CICs you may end up choosing)?


OK Gradpa take a look at my audiogram:
125 - 30/40
250 - 40/40
500 - 55/50
1K - 65/65
2K - 70/65
3K - 65/65
4K - 70/70
6K - 75/70
8K - 70/75

PS: sorry for my english, i am greek :frowning:
but i am leaving in Newcastle, UK :slight_smile:

-What about Starkey S Series?

Any help here?

Feedback problems could be the result of a hearing aid that doesn’t fit properly. Oh and just for the record a large potion of your loss falls into the severe category.

You may want to look into the Phonak Exelia Arts CIC.
I’ve had great reponse from them with a loss similar to yours.

Good Luck!

I personally think if you gave more information from the start, didn’t use foul language and acted like you had respect for the people who answer questions, you might have gotten a better response from the forum.

Don’t blame that on being Greek, I ain’t buying that one.

I’ve been a HA patient for over six years now. My first HA’s were the Resound Air BTE’s. They started to have problems so my Audi suggested something new. She had me try a Starkey BTE aid which I did not care for. I wanted to try the Resound Be’s so she got them for me. We could not get rid of feedback in my left ear, even with a custom fitting for the left side. She then suggested the Starkey S series HA. I’m very satisfied with them. I’ve had them about a month now an dI’m very pleased. I can even change the volume setting with my personal phone.:slight_smile:

being able to change the program using any phone is a clever solution…
Im sure others will follow soon…

How does your audiogram look like?

Not for me…but for a client of mine :slight_smile:

Their loss was as follows:
I fit this particular client with an Exelia Art power cic

250 - 45/40
500 - 55/50
1K - 65/60
2K - 65/65
3K - 65/65
4K - 70/70
6K - 75/70

The fitting range for the Nitro is bigger than Exelia Art power cic.

The fitting range for the Exelia Art power cic covers your clients hearing loss( it ranges from 40db to 90db).

I wonder if this can fit me as well.

My eyes are at Nitro 16 ,but the Exelia Art power cic fits me I am going for it. Phonak has the sound recover which is the best for high frequencies hearing loss as I understand.

0125.HzL-20 R-20
0250.HzL-20 R-20
0500.HzL-40 R-30
1000.HzL-80 R-60
2000.HzL-90 R-90
4000.HzL-90 R-80
8000.HzL-90 R-100

I have bad speech discrimination which is my main issue.

and the Oticon Epoq XW is a good one to look at too.

You could consider the ReSound be9 too; the position of the mic in the ear gives additional high-frequency response due to the acoustics of the ear.

Is it a CIC aid??

^^^Yes they are…and i have fit many with the request of a 312 battery with the cic and the Trufit team over at Resound do a great job at keeping the shell petite.

every time to take something out you can make things smaller…

I wonder about the durability of the mic since you use it to constantly pull

out the instrument