Bernafon Zerena strange tones

Recently my right HA has been occasionally acting oddly. It will beep 8 times in rapid succession and repeat the 4 times with a pause between. It’s almost what I would think was some kind of error tone. I can’t seem to find any info on what it might be.

EDIT: Apparently this means the hearing aid needs a service check. Weird as I have not noticed any issues with it.

Let me be clear that this IS NOT the chine that occurs when powering up NOR is it the tones indicating that the battery is dying or dead.

Anyone experience this or know what it is?


I do know a lot of newer hearing aids will beep when they are due a service. Even if you don’t notice any problems with the HA, it’ll still be ready for a service.

I definitely know that Oticon beep when a service is due. Is Bernafon related to Oticon at all?

What sort of ‘service’ might be due?

I wear Oticon Dynamo’s.
Mine don’t beep.
Wait, maybe they do, but I can’t hear it :joy::joy:


Bernafon is a sister company to Oticon–under the Demant corporate umbrella.