Bernafon oasis software

Hey I just saw this on eBay lastnight,this is a great deal as its quite hard to find the oasis software,can’t see this lasting long at all,with a bit of luck someone from here will grab it,and offer it with others:-)

Are you saying someone is selling the oasis software? Well, it’s wrong and plain illegal and I bet that eBay listing is down already. This sort of software is provided for free to the HA dispensers, if someone got lucky with a copy and now is trying to make a few $$$ off it - it’s illegal.
Even that we use it is not totally legal, but I bet none of us will get into any troubles trying to adjust our own HA, but selling the software is a different story.

Are you sure your on the right forums?you should have done a little more homework before replying, the good eBay member is selling the programming cable’s which comes with the FREE CD software,I joined this forum so I could get all the information and facts that all the audiologists and most of the manufacturer’s won’t give,why did you join?

the good eBay member is selling the programming cable’s which comes with the FREE CD software

all the ‘ladies’ says you are only paying for time and conversation and the sex is free (wink)

Well done uncle Larry O:-)

I joined this site to get the info I need and share my experience.

You did NOT provide a link to eBay posting and from your OP it wasn’t obvious someone was selling anything BUT the software. There was no mention of any cables.
I have no problems with anyone sharing (not selling) the programming software though so we will leave it as misunderstanding, ok?

Hi there,yea sure my bad for not putting the link up(thought I had tho)great we can move on to more important things in life,cheers

So, do you still have the link?

I have seen phonak target 3 software for sale on ebay, why is it illegal to sell it??
Can you point us to some legal place to back up your claim?

From what I heard, Phonak software is available for free on their web site. If someone thinks they can just take it and make money out of others’ work, it’s plain illegal. I’m not a lawyer to point you anywhere but it should be obvious.

P.S. Have you ever read any agreements prior to installing any software?

It’s on the home page of the a phonak website stating only audiologists can program HAs.

The OLD phonak software is available but not the new software and won’t ever be, likely!

NaidaUP, regardless of the software availability it’s still illegal making money out of something you didn’t create yourself.
If anyone ever read any user agreement while installing any of the computer software (INCLUDING ALL OF THE FREE SOFTWARE), it makes it clear what can and can’t be done with it.
Fitting software is no different from any other software, just like someone can’t download a copy of MS Windows and sell it, same couldn’t be done with Phonak or any other fitting software.
And just to make it clear, as I said it before, I have no problems with any of us here sharing it for our personal needs.

So you think it’s illegal to sell pirated software, but it’s perfectly fine to copy software and spread it around for free? Perhaps you should read those license agreements a little more carefully.

The DVD making people these days allow for a copy to be made for personal private use. Mr. Bill Gates allows for a backup copy to be made of much of the software he sells - again for personal use (up to 3 computers I believe.)

I don’t feel squeamish about having one copy of the software for personal use that programs a piece of hardware I have that retails for over $6,000 and especially when that software is not sold anywhere in the world to anyone. It is simply supplied to retailers of the hardware (HAs) as part of the delivery, and is included in the hardware cost. Who pays for this software then? Certainly not the retailer. It is us, the end consumer. End of story.

I would agree however it is totally inappropriate to somehow obtain the software then try to sell it to those who don’t know how to download it off the internet. Common sense tells me this is plain wrong.

As to what is legal or not legal, that would be up to a court of law to decide and I am not aware of any case precedents yet.

Bernafon software is available on their site, :smiley:

On which site do you find the DL of Oasis. Please post the link. I cant find the DL on their site.

First of all I didn’t say it’s perfectly fine to do that. Just like others, I feel like if we’re paying thousands of dollars for our HA, we should have the rights to access the software, in fact I feel if should come with the aids.
As I pointed out before, a lot, if not nearly all, of free computer programs can be copied unlimited number of times but can’t be sold, that says it in the User agreement prior to installation. Paid software can’t be copied and/or sold (backup copy could be allowed to make).
Regarding the programming software, it’s available for free for the professionals as a tool in order to work with HAs. It’s plain illegal to sell copies of it. I’m also sure it’s illegal to copy and share it but from what I heard, nobody ever got in troubles for sharing it for personal use. It could be very likely the authorities would close the eyes on those sharing it, but it might not be the case if someone got caught selling it.

P.S. Lets get back on topic and not waste time on senseless arguments.