Bernafon Inizia 3, self programming?

Hi !
I am new to the forum but i read a bit before as my wife was in the process of getting a HA.
She has a bad tinitus and it became obvious that she could only follow half of the discussions so it was about time.
As she is 38 that struck her quite hard…
I was focussing on the Siemens HA so i bought a HiPro (serial) in advance as it was a bit less expensive and i have a USB to serial converter…
It was also no problem to get hold of the Siemens Software.
I was waiting which model exactly so i could search for the right cable.

BUT they were not able to make it work with a Siemens so they gave Bernafon a shot.
And “unluckiliy” for me she now bought a Inizia 3 Nano RITE from Bernafon.

I browsed this forum but it seems it is hard to find the neccesary things to program / finetune Bernafon HA !
I can see that Oasis 16.0 is needed from the Bernafon Website, right ?

IF (and i have no idea how) i could get hold of the Oasis 16.0, is the HiPro still the right programmer to use ? And do you have any idea what kind of cable the Inizia 3 Nano RITE needs and where to get it ?
(I am from Germany but i can order from the states and/or have a lot of friends there that could shop for me).

So it all boils down to the notorious newbie questions:
-Any idea hint (or if this is not allowed a PM) if/how i can get Oasis 16.0 ?
-The same for the cable, which is required, where to get it ?

Or is this a lost effort and i should sell my HiPro again and leave my wife to the goodwill of a questionably talented audiologist ?

Greetings and thanks for all the info gathered here. With the Siemens i was ready to go browsing this forum but the Bernafon sets me back quite a bit and so i am frustrated…


I don’t know about the Inizia, but the Chronos 9 which I just bought uses the CS44 cables with the Hi-Pro box and Oasis software. That’s what my Costco fitter used - she had Oasis 15 (not 16). You could try contacting “bidbybid” on eBay for the cables and software (check if it supports Inzia 3 nano rite though).

Hello platybus,
thanks, i will just do that and contact the eBay guy.
But of course i shy away from buying the cable before i learn if i can “somehow” obtain the Oasis SW.
From the update history at Bernafon i suspect i need v16 for the latest HA including the Inizia 3 Nano RITE.

Does anyone know if that is so and has anyone a hint how to get my hands on OASIS 16.0 ?



You might also check out this website…

the hearing company dot com. Look under accessories - they sell the box + cables for under $800

I’m also looking to buy the Hi-Pro + cables.

Hi !
Thanks for the info, but after spending a lot on the HA we will not spend that kind of money. (In Germany they rip us off, approx 3 times the price as in the US, no wonder our health insurance system is expensive…).

I will simply sell the HiPro, maybe in this forum or on eBay…

Thank you anyways but it all makes no sense if i cannot a single hint where to get the Software :frowning:


I was searching about the inizia 1 and I came across this thread. I had no idea you could program these!

Did you ever get the correct software and hardware? I have just bought a left and right Bernafon Nano RITE hearing aid. Unfortunately it is pre-programmed for somebody with far greater hearing loss than myself. This hearing aid was originally purchased in 2016. Bernafon do not want to deal with end users, only retailers / audiologists, so I was unable to download the programming software from them. I am looking for the most appropriate Bernafon “Oasis” software so that I can self program the devices and to enquire what hardware will I need to purchase in order to communicate with the devices?
Can you help me, or point me in the right direction?

You might want to check out the DIY section of the forum. Go to Categories and scroll down to near the bottom and you’ll find the Hearing Aid Programming/DIY section

Thanks very much MDB, much appreciated. :smiley: