Beltone Serene HEaring Specialist giving me weird info

I visited a local Beltone Hearing specialist recently because I was originally interested in it’s duplicate HA Resound Nexia 9. She told me that if I ordered through my Insurance plan (AARP via -United Health Care Hearing) that I would not be getting the latest tech. Only she can give it to me (at $2000 more than what I was quoted by United HealthCare Hearing for the Beltone Serene 9). She claimed there are different “9s”.?? She said what they send is the managed care HAs. I told her I do not have managed care but she said no matter who you go to that’s what they will send.

For those of you who are not familiar with my other posts…I am in the process of scouting out Hearing Aid Specialists. Only Interested in Jabra, Resound and Beltone. Been to one Costco Already.

Yes I guess she meant “as in different platforms” so each platform has a premium model 9, but regardless it’s not good, if your insurance is a set limits then they will only offer in that price point.
Have you spoken to your insurance company about this, maybe they have another angle in the way they’re paying out for the latest technology?
If I was you, I’d just go through Costco and be done with it!


Thanks for your interpretation but the Serene is the latest platform (line) of Beltone. and she said there is different tech levels of Beltone Serene 9…nothing like that is in their catalogue or online. I can assume she means there are different Serene Models (BTE, rechargable micro rie, 2 battery RIEs)

Interesting thing…I called tru-hearing for the Resound Nexia 9 and they considered it the premium Resound and the price was the same as going through my insurance for the Premium Resound Nexia 9. (which by the way was the same price given to me for my insurance quote for the Premium Beltone.)

Oh the Beltone Hearing Specialist just called to remind me that the special Beltone Promotion of $6500 ends today. The price is then much higher.

Costco is a 2 hour trip one way which I am not interested in.

Yes I’m aware, but there’s only one premium model 9 regardless of the different types BTE,RIC, etc so your correct in that’s possible that’s what she meant.
The Nexia 9 is the current premium, and having the Beltone specialist ring and tell you pay 6.5k today or pay more tomorrow is clinical!

But I don’t understand, even if it would take the best part of a day to get fitted with the exact same model for only $1,600 at Costco and then save more then 5-6k is to me at least, well worth the trip?

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If you cannot do Costco. Then shop around. Zip hearing. Do not pay the outrageous price beltone is quoting. The beltone office is wrong. Hearingnaids are locked Do resound or Jabara.

Thank you for adding fuel to my decision. Resound Nexia is calling my name.