Beltone S90

Hello all,

I’ve worn Beltones most of my life (55+ years) and have made the switch to digital (Starkey 110). Don’t like it. I’ve been spending a lot of time with a very patient audi to make tweaks and have gotten pretty close but still don’t like the function on phones and music. I wear it reluctantly but use my older Beltone S90 for phone calls and listening to music…much better sound on these sources.

Anyway, I’ve been scouring the Internet for used Beltone S90’s. Can’t seem to find any. So…if anyone out there has one or knows of the location of one or more of the Beltone S90’s I would be most appreciative.


Beltone remarkets. So there is also a branded aid out there that is identical but has a different name. If you can find that, your possibilities double.

I assume you mean GN Resound?

Hey BMWDavid, you’re right, that statement is not exactly correct. GN is the mother brand and the product lines are not exact. Feature sets can be different between similar appearing rebranded products in the GN family. I know of no other S90 rebrands out there. The eBay used market would be the most effective. When moving from an analog super power aid like an S90 to a digital aid it can be very challenging because of how the brain has adapted to the style of amplification commonly associated with a linear fitting.

Your other option would be a digital hearing aid set with a linear algorithm which many brands offer, or finding another analog, linear, super power aid currently sold. Those are like hens teeth these days though.

If nothing else works out, this Prairie Labs Analog might work out. They offer various power levels and might get close to your S90. You could ask if they can duplicate it.

Hello BMWDavid,
I found your writing by chance.
Our BTE Viper 170P has the same technology like your Beltone S90.
brgds, Franz

Hi I look up viper 170p seem like look same can u tell me how can I get this ?? Who will sell it to make same voice to new technology hearing aid ??