Beltone Edge

Hello all, new poster here so if I am breaking some forum rule forgive me until I get my bearings… :o

I just got 2 new Beltone Edges on a weeks trial. I has some Seimens ITE’s before and this is like night and day!!!
Third day in and I have to say I love them… I went to church last night and the singing was amazing. Being able to hear them while I also sing was GREAT. Before, I could either listen to them or myself which ever one I wanted to do… We went to a noisy resturant the night before and I had to ask my wife if it was less noisey in there because I could understand the converstation.

The guy at the Beltone place was top notch. It took about 2 hours for him to do the hearing testing/fitting/etc…

Total cost will be around $2600 out the door…

Is there any drawbacks that I don’t see?

I am still using Beltone CSP-II analog programmable hearing aid. They are the best hearing aids in the world. However, Beltone had already stopped producing it since December of 2005. I am still trying to find something to replace my CSP-II. I have tried Beltone ONE but I found the sound was very low tone. I just wonder maybe it is because the dispenser did not know how to do the settings.
Can I ask you your hearing loss? Does Edge has a feature like reducing the compression by applying in a short time and the wearer will not notice that?

Appreciate in advance for your feedback.

The Edge is the same as the GN Resound Pulse. I’ve had a pair of the Pulse’s since last August, and like them a lot. Mine were a bit more than $2600, but luckily I have an insurance plan that pays for new aids every 5 years.

Sounds like you’ve got a winner with the audiologist and the aids.

I have what the audiologist called a classic ski slope loss. My low freqs are find and it pretty lineraly rolls off in the highs…
I don’t know about the compression.

Normally manufactures do not like fitters to change the attack and release times… For example, resound does not allow you to change at all this times…

The pulse have something call enviromental steering which the aid can work fast or slow… when the S/N is adverse it will with fast attack to preserve speech cues… when the S/N is real high the instrument will work on a slow
to make it self confortable… resound hasnt really said much about it but it is a big deal… because as a fitter you dont have to make a compromise…

Generally a fast attack improves speech understanding but it makes an instrument not to confortable…

Oticon epoq had something similar call true dynamics… Which is basically the same thing…

On to your question., the only instrument I have seen out there which can allow the fitter to change manually the attack an release time is the
Oticon Atlas or Oticnon Atlas plus…

generally it is comon knowledge that you age clients do respond better with
longer attack times… so age should be a factor to determine how to set this parameter

Hi Xbulder:
You means if I want to have this feature, I can try Beltone/Resound Edge/Pulse, Oticon Atlas or plus, or Beltone ONE/Azure or Oticon Epoq, am I right?
But I think Beltone One or Oticon Epoq are extremely expensive. If Beltone Edge or Oticon Atlas have this feature, why I spend more money on the top end.


dear paul:

Let me refrase:
the Oticon Epoq and GN azure are top of the line, I would say the Epoq is superior to the Azure becuase of the broad band frequency respose and binaural wireless coordination… The azure has a novel concept call natural directionality… From the strictly being able to tweak attack and relase both instrument would be the same

the GN Pulse also has that feature but is an instrument with @ least 2-3 years old… No so new technology

the atlas, is a really really old instrument, now a days most manufacturers
do not like fitters to input their own attack and release times…

Some of them have something like compresion time - fast or slow (do you follow)

the Atlas should be cheap

im leaving the new GN dot, it looks like a real nice instrument…
the Dot 30 looks like a nice up date version of the Pulse

While it looks like the Beltone MarQ, it has more features

I noticed that one of my aids is fitting loosly and is coming out of my ears a lot. Is this normal or is this a fitting problem that could be resolved? My right ear stays in and I find I have to reseat my left one several times a day.

do you use an eargrip?
if not this might be your solution

What is an Eargrip?

it is like a small retainer

Is it an addon or is it built into the “tulips”? If it is built in then I don’t have one.

With my aids, the first tubes fit fine. When I changed them after three months, the new tubes and tulip domes (3A, the longest, deepest tubes) would back themselves out of my ears.

I used a hair dryer and heated the tube up, bent it some where it curves to head into the ear, then put my aids back on, with the tubes and tulip domes all the way in and cotton stuffed in my ears. I let them stay that way about an hour, then removed the cotton, and now they stay in just fine.

the hair dryer procedure should be done by your hearing care provider

you dont want to void yuor waranty, it is pretty easy to ruin the receiver

The hearing aids were nowhere near the hair dryer; just the tubes, and they are just tubes and domes, not “receiver in the ear” type. I detached them before starting the procedure. And with my Pulse’s I swap the tubes and domes out every three months. If it were a “receiver in the ear” type of tube, I’d have never tried it myself for fear of screwing up the receiver.

i have seen it doing it, generally you put the drier in the coolest temparture
and hold the tube for only 1 or 2 second, blow and thats enough
most people believe that a lot of heat is needed…

This is something I dont recomend…

The good thing about open tubes is that you can buy a replacement
for very little money!

I went back to my audi and he changed the tulips for a smaller size. The problem is better but still not where it needs to be. I will go back again…

I was looking this morning and could it be related to my glasses keeping the HA’s earpiece from hugging my head? My glasses earpiece caus my HA to stand off my head just a little and the tube does not fit in the crease of my ear. If so, is there a special tube for eyeglass wearers? I think the dryer/bend trick might work but If it needs to be done I would rather have my audi do it.