BBC and the green button on iPlayer (UK based)

I always have the text service running while watching my LG “Smart” TV

I have come across a problem and wonder if anybody else has come across this - and managed to solve it.

The issue happens when I press the green button after changing to a channel, which starts the program again from the beginning using the iPlayer facility. That works. But after about 10 minutes or so I find that I am getting both the correct text to go along with the picture, but also the “live” text from where the same program would have got to had I not restarted it.

At least the text relevant to the picture remains on top of the unwanted text.

If I watch a program selected from the iPlayer (in other words not using the green button) I do not have the issue of 2 different texts running.

I have followed the BBC’s recommendation of disconnecting the TV from the mains and from the internet for a few minutes, but this has not helped.

Anybody any ideas?

i assume that you mean sutitles , so do i understand you right that you getting subtitles from a live TV programm that you restarted from beginning (by pressing green button) , and later appearing subtitles in parallel from the current live TV feed?

  • have you checked on the LG Smart-TV if you can update the iPlayer app ?

  • on the LG TV ist there a possibility to deinstall and reinstall the iPlayer app ?

  • does the iPlayer app offer a settings menu, where you can adjust/select the subtitle stream ?

  • does the LG TV offer a settings menu for subtitles, where you can select the offered subtitles ?

@firenzel Thanks for your feedback on this. Yes, I meant subtitles.

The BBC suggested your suggestions but I didn’t mention them as I was unable to find a way to
update the iPlayer app
uninstall and reinstall the app
couldn’t find a way of adjusting the subtitle screen
the menu for subtitles was brief. English only - on or off

The BBC did say if I contacted them again (which I will do after seeing if there is any more feedback) to look up the TV system information which I can list if you think it helps.
The “Build Identifier” was dated September 7th, 2023 just the morning of the day that I contacted them

Just in case anybody is interested …

I got instructions from the BBC on how to delete and reinstall the iPlayer (although the instructions did not agree with what I had on screen so not sure if I could reinstall the iPlayer again).
So I did that - and now have NO usable subtitles agreeing with the screen, but I do still have sub titles which appear after a while, related to where the program had got to in real time.

Wish I hadn’t started

That’s a shame that hasn’t been a solution.

I watch the iPlayer with my phone as I don’t own a TV.

Hope someone comes up with a solution very soon.

I am not a UK resident , but could you please post the model type of your LG TV ? And please post the actual WEB OS version of your TV.

-Did you check for actual Firmware Updates of your LG TV ?

-Did you try to restart the TV? And after the restart deleted and reinstalled the iPlayer app ?

Delete the iPlayer app again and then reinstall it. Go to the Home page, hover on the iPlayer app and press and hold the OK button on your remote. You’ll see an “Edit” page appear. Press UP and then back DOWN to the app. You should see an “X” button appear above the app. Press OK on your remote and then Delete. To reinstall it, scroll over to LG Content Store > Apps > Search. Locate BBC iPlayer app and install it!

-As a last resort you can try to reset the TV to factory settings, and check afterwards if this solves the issue
Here you find help for resetting LG TV: How to Reset LG TV (With & without Remote!!)

Firstly @Member42. many thanks for your time and effort in hoping to solve my problem

The TV is an LG 55 SM8600 PLA
The software version is 05.30.40 and there are no updates available (as it should be since updates are set on automatic)
I allowed the TV to reinstall all the TV programs
Then I turned off both the TV and the internet and restarted both
I deleted the iPlayer app and reinstalled it, and signed back into BBC iPlayer

I then tried watching from the start on iPlayer, a program that was currently running on BBC1
No subtitles at all during the 15 minutes I had it on, either to match program being watched or matching where the program had got to
I then tried watching a program that had been on earlier today, again for 15 minutes, with the same result - no subtitles of any kind.
While the program was on, I paused it, which allowed me to check that it did indeed say “subtitles on”

With the experience I have had, and since everything else works, I am not prepared to reset the TV and have to set up bits of it again.
I will just avoid trying to use the iPlayer

However, your help was greatly appreciated

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That is exactly why you need a streamer!
Embedded apps on the TV are useless!
Get a Roku 4k stick, or a Fire Stick, or google chromecast,and get all your apps working!

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Hi @flashb1024 Thanks for your feedback. I am not familiar with the streamers you suggest so have been experimenting a bit more.

I downloaded the iPlayer app to my iPhone and then duplicated the iPhone screen onto the TV and - apart from the fact that the picture quality was not as good - I discovered that the workings on the phone app differed depending on whether I was watching a program that is on currently, or a program that has finished. (Assuming I didn’t get lost!)

If I was watching a currently showing program there were no subtitles and no option that I could see of adding these, and the sound was through the TV
If I was watching a past program I did have subtitles, and also the option of the sound being directed to my hearing aids.

I know that your streamer suggestions are not very expensive, but I am wary of buying a streamer and finding it behaves in the same was as the app on the iPhone. The only other app I really use on the TV is YouTube so it is not as if I use lots of apps.

Perhaps @Zebras could comment on the subtitle issue?

This is what happens to me.

I watch very very little TV and quite often things aren’t live when I watch them.

Thanks @Zebras for your confirmation

I have now probably spent / wasted more time on this than I have used the green button!

Just keep pushing those buttons!!
I got curious, and downloaded the BBC iPlayer app on my shield tv streamer, and used a VPN (I’m in the US).
Same thing as you & @Zebras !
No subs.
Terrible app, for sure.
Watching The Woman In the Wall, outstanding Irish drama!
But I need subs to understand.
I won’t say how, but I was able to view the 5 available episodes in 5.1 surround, with subs, using a different means, Aye Mate!

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