Battery scratching and battery drain on the Naidas!

I’ve just noticed that my right Naida is scratching the battery Everytime I open and close the battery draw.

Does it mean I need to send it off for repair or is it okay?

Also I use one FM integrated receiver and when I use it for work, my battery drain within a day to a day an a half. Is this normal, without they will last 5 to 7 days.

Wouldn’t surprise me if battery drain was higher with FM on. A day to a day and half seems awfully quick…bu constant FM usage might cause that.

My iCom with heavy use can easily drain two - three days off my batteries. Fortunately, I don’t use it that heavily, that often.

The scratching should be an issue at all. My HA’s do that (surface scratches, nothing deep), but as long as the holes are not blocked and there is good electrical contact, you should have good power. The scratched outside would only be a problem if good contact wasn’t being made.


Thanks. I think I will leave it and not send it for repair.

Over the weekend I used the FM for work and I find if its not changed everyday, the FM still connects but its so quiet I can barely hear it. I do think its pretty quick at draining but I hope my Naidas are okay :slight_smile:

My Naidas are draining the battery so quickly because the gain within the FM receiver is higher then my Naidas.

Need to have the receivers programmed with the correct software and then I should get more battery life. The battery life still won’t last that long but I should expect 3 days roughly.

My FM receivers should = the same amount of gain as my Naidas :slight_smile: