¿ Battery replaced on Starkey Surflink Remote charge from Audi?

¿Has anyone replaced their battery on a Starkey Surflink Remote?

I was wondering what their Audi charged them for such replacement________?

One of our distinguished Moderators on this great Forum was nice enough to provide me with the Battery part # for the Starkey Surflink Remote, but the challenge
is that the CF234044 Lithium Battery is not sold in the USA.

To purchase this battery via eBay would involve paying 49 Euros just in shipping from Germany. The battery itself just costs $2.49.

My battery is not dead yet…but I was just anticipating my options when it came time to replace it.

Ron, in Florida.

Look for a British battery vendor online.

Great suggestion… I will give that a try.
Thx for your help.
Ron ♫

Starkey charges $70 or $89 to replace the Remote, depending on which warranty you want (6 or 12 month). I don’t know how much markup your audi would add.

Thanks again for your much appreciated help and information. Maybe someday the CF234044 Lithium Battery will be available in the USA, I have a “saved search” on eBay if a Vendor should list the Battery.
Ron ♫

Hi all,
Did sombody find that replacement battery CF234044, 3V-/600mah for Starkey Surflink ?
I need to Buy it, i didt find it in Italy, nor on-line, please, have some vendor link ?

If you just Google the battery part number CF234044 you will find several of them.
Not for $2.49 which seems much too cheap for the battery.